Penguins at Little Rock Zoo

As the holiday season approaches, red and green are not the only colors en vogue.  Black and white is always a classic.  Tomorrow the Little Rock Zoo continues its breakfast series with Breakfast with the Penguins.

Seating is limited and prior reservations are required: call 661-7218.  The breakfast starts at 8am sharp.  Prices range from $12.95 for a member child up to $21.95 for a  non-member adult.

Earlier this year, the Little Rock Zoo formally opened the Laura P. Nichols Penguin Pointe exhibit with eleven penguins:  Blair, Billi, Mary Beth, Roy, Jack, Domino, Rippley, Gable, Brenton, Laura and Skipper.

The African blackfooted penguins came from other zoos as part of the Species Survival Plan (SSP). These penguins are on the endangered species list, but through SSP, the Zoo will fulfill its mission of conservation. Any baby penguins born will be donated to other zoos.

Over $2.3 million was raised through private and public sources to build the unique exhibit.

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