Sculpture Vulture: Jane DeDecker’s Patty Cake

Patty CakeOne of the two newest sculptures to be located in Riverfront Park is Jane DeDecker’s Patty Cake.  This is one of two sculptures in the Nicholson Sculpture Plaza which was dedicated in September 2013.

Patty Cake depicts a mother with a child sitting on the mother’s knees.  The two are facing each other and playing the game which gives the sculpture its name.

This sculpture was donated by longtime KATV executive Dale Nicholson in memory of his wife Pat.

Part of Jane DeDecker’s artistic philosophy is her desire to select a moment to which everyone can relate on a personal level. These moments span all generations, depicting universal scenes. This may speak of the love between parent and child, the freedom of imagination, or the simple dignity of everyday tasks. Each is a timeless expression of the human experience, causing us to reflect and evaluate.