“How People Make Things” exhibit now open at Museum of Discovery

MOD makeThe Museum of Discovery’s latest exhibit, How People Make Things, is now open.
Every object in our world has a story of how it is made. How People Make Things tells that story by linking familiar childhood objects to a process of manufacturing that combines people, ideas and technology.
The exhibit, inspired by the factory tour segments from the “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” television series, offers hands-on activities using real factory tools and machines to create objects with four manufacturing processes – molding, cutting, deforming and assembly.
Step into the exhibit’s main office, where you can don coveralls, lab coats, aprons, safety glasses, boots and hard hats to become a factory technician, worker or supervisor.
Use a die cutter to create objects, operate a 3-axis mill to carve a block of wax, deform a penny, mold pourable wax, explore vacuum forces and more.
How People Makes Things is a very hands-on, interactive exhibit, in keeping with the approach our museum takes with every exhibit we feature,” said Kelley Bass, CEO of the Museum of Discovery. “It was a big hit when we had it here in 2013, and we’re thrilled to bring it back for our visitors to enjoy.”
The exhibit also features factory tour videos from the “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” television series that depict the making of crayons, carousel horses, balls, traffic lights, quarters, shoes, toy cars and toy wagons.
How People Make Things will be on display at the Museum of Discovery until March 27, 2016.
Museum of Discovery’s mission is to ignite a passion for science, technology and math in a dynamic, interactive environment.