Little Rock Look Back: John Glenn at the Museum of Discovery

glenn-modIn November 2004, the Museum of Discovery launched an exhibit entitled SPACE AND THE PRESIDENCY.  This was at the museum in conjunction with the opening of the Clinton Presidential Center.  Former astronaut and U.S. Senator John Glenn spoke at the museum the day before the Clinton Center opened.

Senator Glenn, who was accompanied by his wife, was gracious and seemed to very much enjoy the interaction with the school children at a series of events throughout the day.  He was also very accommodating with all the adults who wanted the chance to talk to a true American hero.

While he did not visit the street named after him on that visit, it is important to remember he is the name source for Little Rock’s Colonel Glenn Road. It was named in his honor after he became the first person to orbit the earth.


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  1. A couple of tidbits…

    U.S. Senator John Glenn earlier visited Little Rock in early 1984. He stopped at the Coachman’s Inn (today’s site of the downtown LR Post Office facility) for a speech, some handshakes and a bit of political action with the Arkieland Democrats. He was testing the water for a possible Presidential Race.
    It was such a special occasion – even though it was a harshly cold evening – I dressed our newborn lad for the first time in a pair of long pants, snuggled him into a fuzzy bunting and off we went. That event produced a photograph of our wee Sonny Boy held in the arms of this amazing man. (Remember, John Glenn was such a straight-arrow, truly good and brilliant fellow, even his fellow Mercury 7 pilots were impressed by him.)

    We were traveling thro a small town in Ohio years back. The traffic had paused and while waiting, I happened to glance at a small, pale gray painted, frame house. It looked like an All-American dwelling from the 20th Century – nothing special or grand. It was then, a rental house, having been re-purchased by John Glenn for sentimental reasons. The Ohio state historic sign on the front lawn explained it was THE CHILDHOOD HOME OF JOHN GLENN.

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