14th EVER Nog Off results. And the winners are….

Historic Arkansas Museum has announced the winners of last Friday’s 14th ever Nog Off!
Taster’s Choice Award
Eggnog Ice Cream by Loblolly Creamery
“Love this play on the traditional nog. I think this may be my new favorite ice cream and as it melts it turns into nog and stays cold.”
“Wanted to eat my weight in it!”

People’s Choice Award
Pioneer’s “Nog on a Log” Eggnog by Arkansas Pioneer’s Association
“I love this, and I am now snockered.”
“So well-balanced; yummy!”
“Great mouthful, lovely alcoholy aftertaste.”

Not Your Great, Great, Great Grandfather’s Eggnog
Citrus Capital Eggnog by Matias de Matthaeis at the Capital Hotel
“Lemon meringue pie goodness.”
“Christmassy, very inventive.”
“Amazing presentation. It was like opening a present – first a raft of beautiful citrus custard and candied orange peel, and then the most other worldly beverage underneath.”

Congratulations to our winners! And thank you all so much for being such great partners in this much-beloved, community event! Here are some comments on the other nogs:

Nicholas Peay’s Eggnog (Rachel Worthen and Bill Worthen): “Bourbon cake batter.” “Good Scottish kick in the pants.” “This is like a nog cloud – reminds me of a sabayon – so light and fun to drink.”

Keg Nog (Stone’s Throw Brewing and The Pizzeria): “Yummo.” “Surprising.”” Fun and effervescent.”

Hollisopp & Chapple Nog (Allsopp and Chapple Restaurant and Bar): “Soooo drinkable.” “So friendly and delicious.” “Savory undertones – nice kick.” “This is one I could sip all night long!”

BootlEgg Nog (South on Main): “Whiskey was perfect.” “Love it. Love the people.” “Goldilocks – just right.”

“’Tis the Reason” Eggnog and Bread (Old Mill Bread and E.J.s Eats & Drinks): “Smooth.” “This is what the holidays are all about!”

Big Orange Eggnog (Big Orange: Mid-Town): “Great vanilla notes, cinnamon and smooth.” “Christmas in your mouth.” “Gingerbread cookie.” “This has notes of cotton candy!” “Enjoyed the tantalizing quality of the spiciness.”

Until next time. Happy Nogging!