About the Little Rock Culture Vulture

Scott Whiteley Carter is a cultural thinker and planner, muser about museums and music, student of sculpture, theatrical thrill-seeker, photography fanatic, architecture appreciator, major league baseball fan, promoter of the legacy of actor-director (and Little Rock native) Ben Piazza, and encyclopedia of useless knowledge (a sobriquet bequeathed in junior high).

This interest in artistic and historic endeavors started in childhood as his parents took him to theatre, concerts, museums, and battlefields and other historic sites.  The first museum visit (at age six) was to Saunders Museum in Berryville, Arkansas.  He was initially disappointed there was no dinosaur there (thinking all museums had dinosaurs) but ended up being impressed that Col. Saunders had been friends with Teddy Roosevelt.

His fascination with buildings and form started as a child with his Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys, and Erector Set.  His first camera was a “pocket” camera that would fit in no pocket known to man.

A graduate of Missouri State University, he has worked in arts administration and been the historian of the City of Little Rock. He has successfully submitted the City for national recognition from the U S Conference of Mayors (three times) and the International City/County Management Association (twice) as well as state-wide recognition from the Arkansas Arts Council (five times).

He has also served on boards of performing arts organizations such as the Arkansas Arts Center, Arkansas Repertory Theatre, and Arkansas Symphony Orchestra. He has been privileged to work on Little Rock’s 2001 Parks Master Plan as well as the Vision Little Rock committees on Culture and Tourism as well as Parks.

Scott is an award-winning poet and has had his artwork (painting and photography) on display at Little Rock City Hall.  When not engaged in cultural endeavors, he is usually pursuing a cup of coffee, a sporting event, or any of the assorted number-based puzzles.

9 thoughts on “About the Little Rock Culture Vulture

  1. Thanks for sharing your love of sculpture on this site. We won’t be in Little Rock this year at Sculpture at the River Market ~ but wanted to let you know we appreciate Little Rock’s commitment to the arts. Ken and Debbie ~ Ken Newman Sculptures, Cambridge Idaho

    • There is not an official listing in one place. It is scattered about in a variety of places. Working on pulling it together in some semblance.

  2. Scott — just discovered your site. Hope it is still going. Did you know that there was another member of the LRHS class of 1951 who became known nationally beside Ben Piazza & Charlotte Moorman? Jim Hutchison was a dancer in New York City, film, & television, then choreographer leading the Honolulu City Ballet and artistic director of the Honolulu Community Theater. I think it is amazing to have three such members in the same high school class.
    [By the way, Ben was not the only one of the class of ‘51 to go to an Ivy League university. There were six of us.]
    Joe Martin

    • Thank you for the information! I knew there were several from Little Rock High School who went to Ivy League schools, but did not know the exact number. That strong connection continues today.

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