February Frieze Frame Friday – Nature Friezes

701 Capitol

Since there was really no freezing weather this February, the architectural friezes have had to do.  The final feature in this series is actually five small friezes on a one story building at 701 West Capitol.

This one story office building sits on a corner with the entrance actually being off the corner instead of a street front.  Though the majority of the building is brick, the granite front entrance wraps around the corner. 

(no idea what this is)

The friezes are spaced at the top of this granite.  According to the Pulaski County Assessor’s office, this building (which is across the street from the Federal Courthouse) was built in 1960.

The friezes, designed in an art deco style, depict scenes of nature.  It is apparent that one is of a bird (an eagle?), one is a duck flying, one is of fish, and one of an antlered animal (an antelope?).

The remaining frieze is a mystery to the LR Culture Vulture. All of the other designs are very detailed yet this one appears to be more stylistic.

Eagle (centered over entrance)

Duck flying (along Capitol Avenue)

Fish swimming (along Capitol Avenue)

Antelope playing (along Capitol Avenue)