June 4 Architeaser: Justice Building Rotunda

IMG_5749Today’s photo features the rotunda of the 1976 annex of the Justice Building on the State Capitol grounds. This section was dedicated in January 1976 and was designed by Noland Blass. The circular building houses the Supreme Court chambers. It is surrounded by a hallway which wraps around the chamber and is sheathed by panels of glass .  Notice how the glass reflects the surroundings but also allows for a clear view through to the sculpture on the interior wall.

The original portion of the Justice Building was dedicated on June 10, 1958.  Before the Court Room was built, the Supreme Court held court in a temporary (for nearly 18 years) court room in the south end of the Justice Building.

On a personal note, it was in this building in 1986 that I served as Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals at Arkansas Boys State.  I don’t remember the “case” we heard or how we ruled.  But I do remember getting to wear a black judge robe over by Boys State T-shirt.