Sculpture at the River Market Show seeking artists; 2016 Monument Sculpture Competition winner will be placed at Central High

Sculpture at the River MarketThere is a very rare opportunity for an artist to have their work permanently displayed on the grounds of historic Central High School.  The recipient of the Sculpture at the River Market 2016 Monument Sculpture Commission Competition will have just that chance.  The installation will take place in 2017 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the integration of Central High School.

This will be a $60,000 to $80,000 Award.  Artists selected into the 2016 Sculpture at the River Market Show & Sale in Little Rock, Arkansas will be eligible for the Central High School Monument Commission Competition. Only 50 artists will be selected to participate in the Show and Sale.

The River Market Sculpture Show and Sale dates are April 22-24, 2016.
Click here for a SHOW application.     Deadline to submit an application to the show is January 14.
centralentranceThe site for this year’s contest will be a space where two sidewalks converge to start the curved ramp that will lead to the front doors of Central High School. The site is street level, so the sculpture can be seen from both sides of the street and will be a focal point as you start ascending to the porch and the front doors.
The design should not be restrained by the historical events that occurred at Central High School. The entry can convey some aspect of the events of 1957, but can represent many other feelings such as hope, togetherness, the importance of education, opportunity, or any other positive feeling that would impact students and visitors to this important landmark. It can be solemn or whimsical, or it can be figurative, abstract or interactive.

About Central High School:  In 1957, the nation watched the Little Rock Nine story unfold as nine black students attempted to enter the previously all-white school. With the help of television news, then in its infancy, the events commanded worldwide attention. Little Rock came to symbolize the federal government’s commitment to eliminating separate systems of education for blacks and whites. When Little Rock Central High School was built in 1927, the American Institute of Architects named Central High School, “The Most Beautiful High School in America”. The high school is still operating today and is the only functioning high school to be located within the boundary of a national historic site.

Click here for a drawing of the COMPETITION site and more information about the COMPETITION.

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