Clinton School Team Continues Work on the Delta Visual Arts Show

Clinton-School-of-Public-Service-LogoA University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service student team-based project is continuing work on the Delta Visual Arts Show this weekend.

Started eight years ago by Clinton School students, the Newport Downtown Revitalization and Improvement Volunteer Effort (D.R.I.V.E.) and the Newport Economic Development Commission (NEDC), the Delta Visual Arts Show featured 13 local artists in its first year.

Now in its eighth year, The Delta Visual Arts Show will take place this Saturday, February 27th, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. in downtown Newport, Ark., and will feature more than 180 artists from around the Delta.

Over the past eight years, multiple teams and projects have continued and expanded work in Newport and the surrounding area, including the creation of an alumni database, the study of Newport’s Blue Bridge, and the coordination of the first Delta Visual Arts Show.

This year, a Clinton School team will be helping with logistics during the Delta Visual Arts Show and will develop a fundraising plan to create a visual arts center in downtown Newport, continuing the collaboration started by the first team in 2008.

Students participating this year are Stacy Cox (Little Rock, Ark.), Zachary Glembin (Milwaukee, Wis.), Beau Papan (Little Rock, Ark.), and Keith Preciados (Miami, Fla.).

For more information on the show, visit or call (870) 523-1009.