Merry Christmas from the Sculpture Vulture

Some of the sculptures in the Vogel Schwartz Sculpture Garden have donned their Santa hats to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!







1 thought on “Merry Christmas from the Sculpture Vulture

  1. This holiday hats are adorable. It is innocent and fun and does no harm or disrespect to the art or symbolism.

    I recall the first year the LITTLE ROCK NINE sculptues were at the capitol Bldg. Someone took Santa Hats for each of them plus scarves for the boys and beautiful wooden beads in red ‘n green for the girl figures. They also took along small teddy bears with bows and bouquets of poinsetta. It made the group of childrensculpture seem to come to life. The Viet Nam Soldier statue had been decorated for years – garlands of flowers at Easter and flags ‘n such for Fourth of July, Veterans Day, etc… Amazingly, the powers-that-be at the ARKANSAS TIMES pitched a huge, mean hissy, condeming the joyful decorations. The shell-shocked Sect. of State sent workers out to strip the Christmas trimmings for fear of a growing wrath of condemnation by others in the press.

    Out in Seattle is a marvelous installation…;WAITING FOR THE INTERURBAN.; It is a group-statue designed to resemble people awaiting the local bus. It has become so beloved an artwork, people decorate the folks with hats, ear-muffs, mufflers and more during harsh weather. Holidays they don merry green bowlers and shamrock scarves or hold balloons while sporting sunglasses for Independence day, etc… Some times they hold protest signs saying: “Noise Ordinance – Vote For It!” of very personal signs reading “Happy Birthday Beverly – Forever 39.” Everyone is wild for the sculpture which has become BELOVED as it changes.

    In Kansas City, at Country Club Plaza, there are glorious sculptures, tile murals, ornate iron curled adornments all complimenting the Seville, Spain copied buildings. Nestled amongst the medians are many highly valuable sculptures — and in particular is a small unclothed pale marble child asleep on a pillow. Several kind artlovers (and child advocates) come in the cold of snowfall and dress the child in warm apparel and blankets. It is a precious touch to an endeared statue.

    Alas, here in Arkieland — one man’s opinion killed the SMILES of Central Arkansas’s statues.

    NOW, wanna discuss the ‘Disco Dome’ and how moving lights was so horribly damning to the glory of Arkansas’s Capitol’s dome! Hahahahahahahahaaaaa…Killjoy!

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