Sculpture Vulture: Kathleen Caricof’s INFINITY dedicated in 2011

CARICOF05bOn April 14, 2011, Kathleen Caricof’s Infinity sculpture was dedicated in Riverfront Park. It became the signature sculpture for the Vogel Schwartz Sculpture Garden.

Standing over 10 feet tall, it consists of one inch thick steel which loops around to form a continuous abstract shape. It sits atop a column of grey granite.

Caricof suggested the warm golden yellow hue represented “the warmth of the people of Little Rock.”

Funding for the project came, in part, from the Vogel Schwartz Foundation.


INFINITY amidst snow in 2012

Caricof is a member of the National Sculptors Guild.  Her interest in sculpture developed from a background in designing for space. Much of her past work incorporates the theme of community through abstract form. She places a great deal of importance in ‘the gathering’ for mutual support and as a collective celebration of life. Caricof focuses her creative energies on public art because of its shared impact on a wide range of diverse viewers, fueling community involvement and enriching the surrounding environment.