Art of Positive Communication is topic at UA Little Rock Downtown tonight

Image result for julien mirivelThe UA Little Rock Downtown Campus continues its Wednesday evening lectures tonight. This evening’s topic is “The Art of Positive Communication: How Small Behaviors Create Your Best Moments”

This talk is given by Julien Mirivel, dean of the College of Social Sciences and Communication. It is an introduction to the art of positive communication. It is built on the premise that “the spoken word, spoken honorably and well, can make a difference that no other form of communication can equal.”

In the talk, he shares a simple model to inspire the audience to communicate more positively. With personal examples and stories, the talk will invite everyone to practice concrete behaviors that will have a positive effect at work, at home, and in the community. By the end of the talk, every person in the audience will be able to create their best moments and to connect with others more deeply.

The program will begin at 6pm at the UA Little Rock Downtown Campus.