A Capitol Christmas in Arkansas

When the Culture Vulture was just a Baby Vulture, he, his parents and sister would go to the State Capitol building to look at the decorations on Christmas night.  Over the years, the Office of Secretary of State has changed the decorations.  He remembers the alternating red and green lights on the dome during the Bryant (Kelly and Winston) era. He also remembers the disco dome during Bill McCuen’s tenure. Thankfully during the Priest, Daniels and now Martin era, the building is outlined in white lights.

The nativity scene has also changed in location and materials having once been plaster or plastic and at the top of the stairs in front of the brass doors, later moving to several different places on the grounds. It is now had carved wood.  The interior decorations have changed over the years as well. 

Whatever the decorations may be, it is wonderful to see families of various sizes from all corners of the state come to their state capitol building to experience the wonders of the season.