Harry Potter Party

Muggles are invited to a Harry Potter Party at the Central Arkansas Library System today.

The party takes place at 10:30 am and at 6:30pm at the main campus of the library.  It is being held in conjunction with the Harry Potter’s World exhibit.

Partygoers can be sorted into Hogwarts houses, earn house points, watch a game of Quidditch, make wands play trivi games, play wizard’s chess and cast spells.

The Central Arkansas Library System’s (CALS) Main Library is hosting Harry Potter’s World, a traveling exhibit using materials from the National Library of Medicine, at the Main Library, 100 Rock Street, through August 11.

The potions, plants, and animals in Harry’s world were inspired by Renaissance traditions. Information discovered through alchemy, astrology, natural philosophy, and medicine formed the basis of the development and current practice of Western science. The exhibit will also examine the links between historical and fictional characters in the Harry Potter series.

The Main Library has planned programs, movie showings, and activities for readers of all ages in addition to the exhibit, and Harry Potter literature will be displayed at each branch. For additional online activities, resources for educators, and more information about the exhibition, visit the National Library of Medicine’s website.

Bookends Café, the library’s literary café in the Cox Creative Center, 120 River Market Avenue, will offer special Harry Potter items while the exhibit is at the library, including Quidditch Player’s Pie, Bertie Botts Every Flavor Smoothie, Butterscotch “Butterbeer” Latte, and Cauldren Cakes.