Science After Dark: Beer

Each month, the Museum of Discovery hosts “Science After Dark.” This monthly event is for the grown-ups. Why? Because, science is fun…at any age!

Science After Dark provides visitors the opportunity to have fun and learn about science in a unique setting. Museum educators pick a science-related topic and build an entertaining, interactive evening around it. You never know what will sprout, pop, fizzle, or glow.

Tonight from 6pm to 8pm at the Museum, the focus is on Beer.  The cost if $5 per person or free to Museum members.  (Just one of the many benefits of museum membership, even if you don’t have kids.)

 Come learn about the science of making beer. Why wait till Octoberfest? Here’s what’s in store for you:

 Beer and Pretzels

How is Beer Made?

What makes those designer beers taste the way they do?

Pub Quiz: All Things Beer

Culture of Beer: Social Science and History

Beer Chemistry: Homestyle