Monday Musings: Rhea Roberts

rheaSince becoming Executive Director of the Quapaw Quarter Association, Rhea Roberts has led that organization through a planning and rebranding process, expanded programming and outreach efforts, overseen the 50th QQA Spring Tour, and launched a new historic property marker program (new signs are starting to pop up throughout Little Rock).  Tomorrow evening (Tuesday, October 27), the QQA will have its annual meeting and presentation of the Greater Little Rock Preservation Awards. For more information on the awards and other QQA programming, visit their website.

My earliest memory was (age and incident)

I have tons of early memories of playing in the woods and hide and seek at my grandparents’ 1890s farm house.  

When I was in high school and imagined my adulthood, I thought I would be…

Some kind of architect or designer 

Star Wars, Star Trek, Battle of the Network Stars, or Dancing with the Stars?

Star Wars   

 I most identify with the Winnie the Pooh character of…


The performer I’d drop everything to see is…


My first paying job was…

After school for the Bandera County Treasurer  

A book I think everyone should read is….

I think everyone should read as much as they can.  I’m a big fan of Letters to My Daughter by Maya Angelou 

My favorite season is…


-We are all geeks (or experts) about something. My field is….

Historic Preservation