Chinese New Year – Year of the Monkey

It is the Year of the Monkey! So in honor of that, here are some photos of monkeys at the Little Rock Zoo!

YOM - Catherine Hopkins

Photo by Catherine Hopkins

YOM - Catherine Hopkins 2

Photo by Catherine Hopkins

YOM - Karen Caster

Photo by Karen Caster

YOM - Jumoke and mom - Catherine Hopkins

Mahale and Jumoke – photo by Catherine Hopkins


Having fun at the Little Rock Zoo

YOM gibbon - Melissa Martin

Gibbon photo by Melissa Martin

YOM Paddy the Gibbon - Karen Caster

Paddy the Gibbon by Karen Caster

YOM tamarins - Karen Caster

Tamarins and their snowman by Karen Caster

YOM spider monkeys - Karen Caster

Spider monkeys by Karen Caster