Tonight at 9pm at South on Main After Hours – Siamese, Jacob Metcalf & Young Speilberg

som jacobmetcalf.jpg.190x140_q60_cropSouth on Main After Hours welcomes Siamese, Jacob Metcalf & Young Speilberg to the stage, tonight.

Admission is $10. You may purchase a wristband beginning at 4:00 pm. The show begins at 9:00 pm. Call South on Main at 501-244-9660 to make a reservation.

North Texas musician Jacob Metcalf will be releasing his first full-length solo effort, Fjord, later this winter. And while fans of his two longtime groups, Fox and the Bird and Dallas Family Band, might expect a similar rootsy update on rural American music, the sparsely orchestrated cinematic folk that sweeps through these 11 tracks are sure to cover the listener in permafrost and thaw them back out again.

The material for the record was written over the last decade on five continents (Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South America). It was during the last few years that Metcalf lived out of his car and inside a four foot crawl space between a vintage store and loft apartments in order to save enough from his bakery and music teaching jobs to make this album. Recorded in Austin, Ft. Worth and Dallas over the last two years with more than 20 talented musician friends, the singer-songwriter and band members would often use the streets to hone these songs before dressing up the arrangements in the studio.

The result is an often-breathtaking collection of indie-folk compositions that range from wistful, unhurried ballads to swirling, majestic orchestrations, sometimes within the same song, and all set to Metcalf’s warm, inviting vocals and non-linear story-telling.

Siamese is an avant glam art pop band from Dallas, TX, who utilize sets, costuming and lighting to create a sometimes ominous, always opulent live show. It is comprised of members Paul Alonzo (bass), Paul Grass (drums), Nicole Marxen-Myers (vocals, synth, guitar), and Teddy Georgia Waggy (vocals, guitar), each of whom brings skills in carpentry, sewing, painting and film production, respectively, to create their sets and costumes.

This winter Siamese premiered its second recording, Neon Lights, as well as its second set design, a futuristic visual brew inspired by ectoplasm-shilling charlatans and 2001: A Space Odyssey. For their previous set, a floral arrangement nightmare, the members made over 2,000 paper flowers by hand, which drove them crazy and ended up being good inspiration for their psychotic funeral director alter egos. The band is set to record their inaugural EP in February, to be released in spring 2016.

Marxen-Myers and Waggy started the project as a way to explore malleable identity, to blend music and visual art, and to face the vulnerability of live performance. In late 2014, they asked Alonzo and Grass to join them, two old friends of theirs with a like-minded love of creating other worlds. The band began writing its music together, with Nicole and Teddy adding lyrics that deal with their own modern apathy and colonial guilt; with the surreal fragility of our fleshy human bodies commingling with the cold clean space age; and sometimes, with the inner workings of their favorite sociopathic film characters.

In less than ten shows, they’ve already shared bills with the likes of Pinkish Black and Tele Novella, played the historic Texas Theater, received press coverage from Central Track, ANON Magazine and We Denton Do It, and their two releases are in regular rotation on The Local Ticket and Dallas’ NPR music station, KXT