2019 Arkansas Rep Season Reveal Tonight (11/13) at 5:30

The Arkansas Rep has made plans for the NEXT ACT and will announce the 2019 Season on Tuesday, November 13, at 5:30 p.m.
The event is sold out, but will be available for watching on Facebook.
In preparation for that, here is a summary of the Rep’s progress since the April 2018 announcement about the Rep suspending operations.
Progress to date:
Since April 24, The Rep has:
  • Received two matching grants totaling $1,025,000;
  • Eliminated all operating debt;
  • Sold the Peachtree Apartments, cutting our property debt by half;
  • Welcomed seven new board members;
  • Reached over 325 students during summer and fall Education at The Rep programs;
  • Listened to the community through emails, calls, letters, personal visits, town hall meetings, focus groups, and an online survey;
  • Worked with the board, staff and a steering committee to envision the future;
  • Raised more than $875,000 from over 1,850 individual gifts and pledges.
What’s next?
With this momentum, the Rep is looking to the future. Plans include:
  • Hiring for critical staff positions throughout the fall and winter;
  • Continuing Education at The Rep programming – winter schedule is coming soon!
  • Fundraising continues – we have $1.2 million still to raise to create financial stability and sustainability for The Rep’s future, including:
    • Reserve funds – operating, facilities, artistic and subscription escrow
    • Needed repairs at scene shop and upgrades in the auditorium
    • Retire remaining property debt
  • Annual fundraising continues – with an estimated $3 million budget for 2019, the Rep needs to raise approximately $1.3 million for operating expenses for the year. With the support and encouragement the Rep has felt during the last few months from the community, this is an achievable goal.