M2 Gallery’s May Sessions at South on Main continues tonight with the music and art of Bryan Frazier

Sessions :: Diamond States & the art of Bryan FrazierM2 Gallery is curating May Sessions at South on Main by highlighting connections between music and visual art.

For the third Wednesday in May, they invite you to experience the music & art of Bryan Frazier, of Diamond States.

Tickets for this event are $7 in advance or $10 at the door. Music begins at 8 pm. Guests may reserve a table for dinner by calling (501) 244-9660.

Bryan Frazier (The Alpha Ray) vocals guitars
Eric Morris (The See) Bass
Jordan Crain (Free Micah) guitars vocals
Brooks Browning (Good Time Ramblers) Drums

A mix of Britrock influences such as Travis, Doves, Snowpatrol, Oasis and American/Canadian heroes, The Stills, Wilco and Guided By Voices brings pop sensibility with lo-fi space rock vibes wrapped in a parka and arriving on a Vespa. A vague vision of Quadrophenia with better haircuts.

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