Help Bukavu the gorilla celebrate his first birthday today at the Little Rock Zoo!

On June 20, 2018, Bukavu the gorilla was born at the Little Rock Zoo.  To celebrate his first birthday (a few days early), the Little Rock Zoo is throwing a Birthday Party for him today, June 8.

Zoo staff and docents have been preparing gifts for Bukavu as well as her family.  He was born last year to Sekani (mom) and Kivu (dad).   This is the third child for Sekani and the first for Kivu.

Bukavu is named for an African city located on the south-western edge of Lake Kivu (see how it relates to the dad’s name?)

Festivities get underway at 11:30 with Crafts & Fun at the top of the Great Apes Viewing Area.  Then at 1:30PM there will Cake & Refreshments also at the top of the Great Apes Viewing Area.

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