Tinkerfest today at the Museum of Discovery

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Tinkering, a popular activity that is a key component of the nationwide “Maker Movement,” takes place every day in the Museum of Discovery’s Tinkering Studio.

Once a year at Tinkerfest, tinkering takes over the entire museum and neighboring streets for a day-long event with more than 40 hands-on, interactive activities. Each activity engages children and adults, teaches visitors how everyday objects such as cars and computers work, and provides opportunities to explore the engineering and science behind building objects.

Check out the planned list of Tinkerfest activities:
(Activities subject to change; * Denotes an activity excellent for toddlers)

  • Meet 501st Legion (Star Wars Characters)
  • String Petting Zoo with Arkansas Symphony Orchestra
  • Circuit Blocks with Southwest Power Pool
  • Robotics with Museum of Discovery’s Girls in STEM Robotics Team
  • Tech Take-Apart with Best Buy
  • *Sensory Station with The Discovery Network
  • Chain Reactions with Garver
  • Soap Sculptures with Mid America Science Museum
  • Phenakistoscopes with Science Museum Oklahoma
  • *Tinkering with Food with Arkansas Children’s Nutrition Center
  • Rope Making with Kenneth Matoka
  • Robot Demos with Harding Robotics Team
  • Airplane Design and Testing with Dassault Falcon Jet
  • *Wind Tunnels
  • Balloon Maze
  • Plastic Panel Polygons
  • Custom Stamp Making
  • LEGO Shape Matching
  • LEGO Linkages
  • LEGO Rovers
  • Stop Motion Animation with Arkansas Museum of Natural Resources
  • Artificial Intelligence with Central High Computer Science Club
  • *Sand Pendulums
  • Tapestry Table Weaving and Vine Making
  • Chromatography Flowers
  • Water Rockets
  • *Wind Twirlers
  • *Simple Machines Busy Board
  • Acrylic Sculptures with Mr. Plastic
  • Tinkering with Wax with Galley Support Innovations
  • Drones with Central AR FPV Experience
  • Vacuum Play with Welspun
  • Making with Arkansas Innovation Hub
  • *Wrenches, Nuts and Bolts Exploration with Baldwin & Shell
  • Giant Linker Logs
  • *Sanding and Rasping
  • Car Take Apart
  • Solar Powered Scribble Bots
  • Solar Panels with Entegrity
  • *Percussion Playground
  • Flappy Arm Inflatable Machine
  • Engraving Dog Tags and Wood Slices
  • Pyrography (Wood Burning Art)
  • Marble Art Nail Polish
  • *Sensory Sand with Arkansas Autism Foundation
  • *Pegboard Pixel Art
  • *Mega Murals of Materials
  • *Water Play with Cascading Water
  • *Water Play with Troughs
  • *Water Play with Water Tower and PVC Pipes
  • *Water Play with Water Walls

Tinkerfest is included in regular museum admission ($10 for adults and $8 for children) or free for members.