2 thoughts on “Circumstance and Situation: The Life and Times of both Elizabeth Ashley AND Ann Richards

  1. Hey, Scott!

    So, this is all sorts of random, but I saw the following line in the Clinton School email earlier today and have gotta admit that I was super intrigued: “He is currently finishing a manuscript entitled “On Lasting Pillars” which chronicles the six-decade effort to construct a municipal auditorium in Little Rock, which also provides an insight into the City’s daily and political life from the 1880s through the 1940s.” Do you mind if I ask how far along you are with it?

    Hope you’re well!



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    • I thought I was about through. Until I recently discovered 15 earlier years of efforts, heretofore unknown. My self-imposed goal is to have it complete by Memorial Day. I have other projects awaiting in the hopper. But I do have over 100 pages written and footnoted.

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