Kevin Robb’s SERENADING THE CLOUDS to be installed today

Looking UpStaff from the City of Little Rock Department of Parks and Recreation, in partnership with Deltic Timber and Sculpture at the River Market, will install Kevin Robb’s Serenading the Clouds, a 19-foot-tall brushed stainless steel sculpture near the intersection of Rahling Road and St. Vincent Way.

The piece was purchased by Sculpture at the River Market with assistance from Deltic Timber to be enjoyed by the public as they travel through the area.  Iconic public art can serve as a landmark for residents, employees, and visitors.

Kevin Robb’s Serenading the Clouds is a unique design for him because it has an even number of components.  Four components take a special design to ensure the sculpture is strong and not repetitive, bringing the dynamics of space into the design that doesn’t come naturally.

The stainless steel is cut out and the individual components are welded together. When the components are 80% complete he then starts assembling them. The individual elements are hung from a crane system in his studio allowing them to turn, twist, raise, and move.  Once he is pleased with the direction of the components, they are marked, taken down, and cut into one another so they can be conjoined into a continuous piece.  It is never exact to the sketch, the sketch becomes the general idea, the creation happens in the studio.

Serenading the Clouds soars into the air at 19 feet and is 8 feet in width. It commands space and deals with the space around it with the strong, positive presence it displays. The brushed stainless steel finish catches the light in so many different ways.

Robb’s Playing Ball is located at the roundabout on Rebsamen Park Road at Riverfront Drive.