Mark Leichliter’s OVERCOME to be installed today

Staff from the City of Little Rock Department of Parks and Recreation, in partnership with Deltic Timber and Sculpture at the River Market, will install Mark Leichtliter’s Overcome, a 16-foot-tall stainless steel sculpture on a four foot base in the median of Chenal Parkway near St. Vincent Way.

The piece was purchased by Sculpture at the River Market with assistance from Deltic Timber to be enjoyed by the public as they travel through the area.  Iconic public art can serve as a landmark for residents, employees, and visitors.

Overcome depicts nine forms held together by lattice. They rise up and out of this bond to soar free. Each form is an arrow pointing skyward in continued aspiration for the greater good.

The installation is expected to take most of the day.  Each of the nine forms will be bolted into place and then pivoted into position, then the lattice will be installed around the bottom enshrouding the lower sections of the nine forms.

Leichliter has several other pieces located in Little Rock.