Little Rock Look Back: Cornice installed at Robinson Auditorium

On June 1, 1939, the cornice was installed on Robinson Auditorium.  This granite slab noted the name of the building as the Joseph Taylor Robinson Memorial Auditorium.  (It is interesting to note that it used the more modern “u” instead of the classical “v” which was often used in buildings during prior decades – as evidenced by the Pvlaski Covnty Covrt Hovse across the street.)

This was a milestone marking the completion of the front facade of the structure.  Much work would continue on the interior of the structure.  This step in the construction was considered major enough that the Arkansas Gazette mentioned it in a news article.

On this date in 2015 and 2016, the cornice was again surrounded by construction materials and braces. But the restoration of Robinson Center finished in November 2016. Once again, the cornice stands proudly atop the six columns with no impediments around it.

1 thought on “Little Rock Look Back: Cornice installed at Robinson Auditorium

  1. Speaking of CORNICES and names on the crest of buildings in Little Rock.

    This name of Sen. Robinson is actually formed in a solid substance.

    It should be noted again, the ‘Author Names,’ atop the old Fones Hardware Bldg / LR Library are NOT — NOT carved in stone. They are molded in light-weight, foam-like plastic with a fake granite paint job. Any of the names could be easily removed and exchanged. There was supposed to have been a contest allowing the public to have input on the selection of names. It seems ‘more than a bit odd’ there turned out to be just the perfect diverse selection of old and 20th C. authors; race was also equally represented; and, all was well with the exception there was no ARKANSAWYER in the group. A loud public howl was heard by the Shus-s-s-s-sssss’n Librarians. Amazingly, a space for Billie Babcock, an Arkie lady author and good-deed-doer, was added to the collection.

    One more comment on Robinson Auditorium.

    The new statue of the ballerinas is pretty — but meaningless. The funky, non-matching anthromorphic fiddle (on the opposite side of the building’s front) seems terribly out of place and a bit childish.
    WHY CAN’T WE HAVE A STATUE (sculpted by a professional) of ROBINSON to grace the front of this bldg? After all, it
    is HIS namesake. A handsome figure of this fine, dedicated gentleman would make far, farrrrr more sense than cookie-cutter-like dancers statue that looks like it came out of a catalog. (So many of the statues acquired in the last decade and splayed along the river bank, have no direct meaning to the history of the area. They are just statues – attractive, cost-effective,the proper size but ‘do not connect.’

    I also greatly miss the fountain and am agrieved it was not re-installed. We spoke of it every time we came to the
    stoplight and so enjoyed its beauty. It may have not been ornate – and it was poorly maintained – but it was a
    beloved part of the property and the experience of going to the wonderful auditorium.

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