Little Rock Look Back: FDR in ARK

FDR Ark100On June 10, 1936, President Franklin D. Roosevelt visited Little Rock as part of a day-long series of appearances in conjunction with the Arkansas Centennial celebration.  (The actual statehood dates is June 15.)

His day started in Memphis before he journeyed by train to Hot Springs. After events there that morning and lunch at Couchwood (his longtime friend Harvey Couch was chairman of the Centennial celebration).  He then traveled to Rockport and Malvern for appearances before arriving in Little Rock.  He made his remarks at the State Fairgrounds in a structure called “Centennial Stadium.”

Following his remarks, which officially kicked off the six month Arkansas Centennial celebration, he retired to Senator Joseph T. Robinson’s house on South Broadway.  He dined with the Robinsons in the house before departing with the Senator at 8:45 that evening.  The Presidential entourage then journeyed to Texas for the next day.


1 thought on “Little Rock Look Back: FDR in ARK

  1. I had heard FDR spent the evening at the Robinson’s residence. (FAKE NEWS is everywhere – Ha!) This is all very interesting news that he only stayed a few hours. Didn’t the Sen and his wife install an ELEVATOR just for the handicapped President’s visit?

    Also, I wonder if you can locate an illustration of the CENTENNIAL STADIUM and publish it here in your good blog site? There might be design elements from that long ago / long gone building that could be incorporated into a modern day construction at the site.

    FDR must have been exhausted from doing both southern state’s special activities…Statehood for Arkansas and Independence for Texas. Whew… Franklin Roosevelt should have been CLONED!

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