Terror Tuesdays return to CALS Ron Robinson Theater. Up first – NOSFERATU

Nosferatu (1922, NR)

$2 Terror Tuesdays are back! The first one is tonight (June 4).

Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror, or simply Nosferatu, is a 1922 German Expressionist horror film, directed by F. W. Murnau and starring Max Schreck as the vampire Count Orlok.

The film, shot in 1921 and released in 1922, was an unauthorized adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1897), as The Stoker Estate held the books copyright and refused permission. Various names and other details were changed from the novel including “vampire” to “Nosferatu” and “Count Dracula” to “Count Orlok.” Stoker’s heirs sued over the adaptation, and a court ruling ordered that all copies of the film be destroyed. However, a few prints of Nosferatu survived, and the film came to be regarded as an influential masterpiece of cinema.

The showing starts at 7pm.  Cost is $2. (Which begs the question: should this be called Terror TWOsday?)