Stephen King Rules! Book Club presents 1983’s CUJO tonight on CALS Ron Robinson Theater screen

Cujo (1983)The “Stephen King Rules!” Book Club is presenting one of the films based on a King novel tonight at the CALS Ron Robinson Theater. The screening will start at 7pm; admission is $5.

Cujo, a 1983 American horror film directed by Lewis Teague, was based on the 1981 psychological horror novel by American writer Stephen King.

In this tale of a killer canine, man’s best friend turns into his worst enemy. When sweet St. Bernard Cujo is bitten by a bat, he starts behaving oddly and becomes very aggressive. As Cujo morphs into a dangerous beast, he goes on a rampage in a small town.

The cast includes Dee Wallace, Danny Pintauro, Ed Lauter, Christopher Stone, and Daniel Hugh Kelly. Five St. Bernards, one mechanical head, and a person in a dog costume were used to play the title character. The dogs enjoyed the filming so much that their tails often had to be tied down to keep them from wagging with excitement.