$2 Terror Tuesdays on the CALS Ron Robinson Theater screen – THE TERROR

The Terror Poster$2 Terror Tuesdays continue tonight (7/2) at the CALS Ron Robinson Theater with 1963’s THE TERROR.

The Terror unites two men who have each starred in classic suspense/thriller movies. It was made toward the end of Boris Karloff’s career, but he had caused many a chill as the monster in Frankenstein and other classic horror films.  Up and coming Jack Nicholson would later terrorize moviegoers in The Shining.

The Terror is a 1963 Independent American Vistascope horror film produced and directed by Roger Corman. The plot concerns a French officer who finds an intriguing woman who is believed to be the ghost of a baron’s long departed wife.

Corman used the same sets and some of the same actors from 1963’s The Raven which he completed filming immediately before this project.  He shot all of Karloff’s scenes in four days. However, he and the other actors improvised much of the film over a nine month period – the longest shoot of his career. One of the second unit directors on this project was Francis Ford Coppola.

The showing starts at 7pm.  Cost is $2.