April 15 Architeaser

IMG_4853This week’s Architeasers will examine elements of Little Rock City Hall, which officially opened to the public on April 15, 1908.  Today’s features the front doors and wrought iron mini-balcony off the second floor.  These are covered by the portico which extends from the third floor facade.

It is doubtful the wrought iron balcony ever functioned as a place for people to stand. It is not a heavy structure and is secured very simply.  In addition, to reach it, one would have to climb over the 2nd story windows and crawl out onto it.  It appears to have always been for decorative purposes.

The glass doors are not original to City Hall.  They were installed as late as the 1980s renovation.  There also was once a porchlight which hung in the area.  The ceramic tile is original as is the masonry.

The architect for City Hall was Charles L. Thompson.  The building was championed by Mayor W. E. Lenon.  He served as Mayor from 1903 to 1908.  At the first meeting in the new building, he resigned because his work was needing his full attention.  At the time the position of Mayor was part-time.