Monday Musings: Kelly Kinard Fleming

Kelly FlemingToday launches a new feature on the Little Rock Culture Vulture: Monday Musings.

Little Rock cultural personalities will be asked nine questions (there were nine muses).

Up first is Kelly Kinard Fleming. A member of Little Rock’s Arts & Culture Commission, she is also Development Director at the Arkansas Arts Center. A graduate of the Clinton School of Public Service, she has previously worked at the Arkansas Repertory Theatre in development and marketing.

Monday Musings

-My earliest memory was (age and incident)

From birth to age 5 I lived in the booming metropolis of Sikes, Louisiana. The post office was in the general store. My dad was principal of the K-12 school and our house was on the edge of the school’s playground. I remember walking next door for a fresh cookie and carton of cold milk from the sweet lunchroom ladies. Oh, and the water in town was brown. I remember taking baths in clean, but brown, water.

-When I was in high school and imagined my adulthood, I thought I would be

…a novelist, a lawyer or both. Surprise! I’m neither.

-Star Wars, Star Trek, Battle of the Network Stars, or Dancing with the Stars?

If I MUST, Dancing with the Stars.

-I most identify with the Winnie the Pooh character of…

…there’s something in all of them we identify with, don’t you think? Much like the Wizard of Oz characters. But I’ll say Christopher Robin because he is cheerful and gets along well with others.

-The performer I’d drop everything to see is

…Bette Midler.

-My first paying job was

…babysitting. Swore I’d never have kids.

-A book I think everyone should read is

….Cry the Beloved Country by Alan Paton

-My favorite season is…

….Spring. Great convertible weather.

-We are all geeks (or experts) about something. My field is

….shopping on the cheap.

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