Monday Musings: Bill Worthen

Bill-Worthen_K0A4687-webBill Worthen IS Mr. Little Rock and Arkansas History.  Not only do his family roots (in many branches) go back to the early days of Arkansas, he has overseen Historic Arkansas Museum’s transformation from a sleepy collection of historic structures to a dynamic museum experience.  This week, he and his staff are putting the final touches on Saturday’s Candlelight Gala which will celebrate the 75th anniversary of Historic Arkansas Museum.

-My earliest memory was (age and incident)

With my Grandmother at the train station in Hot Springs, maybe 3?

-When I was in high school and imagined my adulthood, I thought I would be…

In junior high, when required to do a project on a possible career, I interviewed an illustrator/cartoonist, but I never had a solid direction until it was required of me.

-Star Wars, Star Trek, Battle of the Network Stars, or Dancing with the Stars?

Star Wars

-I most identify with the Winnie the Pooh character of…


-The performer I’d drop everything to see is…

The Band

-My first paying job was…

Occasional paperboy, paid by my brother, who was the real paperboy

-A book I think everyone should read is….

I usually don’t push my taste on others, but I love Arkansas Folklore, by Masterson.

-My favorite season is…


-We are all geeks (or experts) about something. My field is….

bowie knife and Arkansas Traveler



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