HAM kicks off 75th Anniversary Celebration with Candlelight Gala

HAM CandleThe biennial Candlelight Gala will usher Historic Arkansas Museum into its 75th Diamond Anniversary tonight.

The 20th Candlelight Gala will be a special night for friends, families and colleagues who value Arkansas heritage, history and the arts. Proceeds from the 20th Candlelight Gala will empower Historic Arkansas Museum to continue protecting and preserving our Arkansas heritage.

Historic Arkansas Museum is both a history and historic site museum. The museum’s mission is to communicate the early history of Arkansas and its creative legacy through preserving, interpreting, and presenting stories and collections for the education and enjoyment of the people who visit.

Founded in 1941 as the Arkansas Territorial Restoration, it was one of Arkansas’ first historic preservation efforts.  The museum of today has far exceeded what the founders could have envisioned.  It not only contains Little Rock’s oldest buildings but also some of its newest art.

Historic Arkansas Museum is led by longtime director Bill Worthen. It is an agency of the Department of Arkansas Heritage.