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  1. Scott , The Hurst family sure appreciates your work especially on history since my family has been here from the beginning. Thanks so much, Howard Hurst

  2. I will miss this blog, Scott! Your tremendous efforts here have been – many times – a conversation starter, memories prompt, calendar keeper, and a source for joy and even some tears. I admire the historian, the statistician, the arts lover in your sage self. Here’s to 5,209 and the four (at least?) books that await you. Kudos on a great run!

  3. Will miss your posts. Hopefully, you’ll continue with short blurbs on social media so we’ll know what’s going on. Thanks!

  4. I’ll miss your blog and all your musings too, Scott. But I look forward to those books you mentioned and the reports you’ll have from Americans for the Arts. Best wishes on your new journey and all the new statistics…!

  5. You are my favorite Big Geek! And I will truly miss your blog! You have been a champion for all the arts, and we are all the better for all your work! Happy new chapter!

  6. Well done. I look forward to seeing other things from you. Say no to the good and yes to the great!

  7. I will miss this blog! You are right that blogs need to be updated regularly, not sporadically, or readers will lose interest, so I can imagine that it became a chore. I particularly enjoyed the posts about LR in the 1800s. Good luck with your other endeavors.

  8. Scott, sorry to hear this; I have truly enjoyed your Culture Vulture sinceI discovered it several years ago. I understand the hard work that goes into it, the time it takes, and your dedication to it. Thank you from one ofyour oldest fans.  Curtis Finch PS Is there any way to access old issues?

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