June 6 Architeaser: Justice Building West Wing

IMG_5750In April 2001, a 49,000 square foot addition was made to the Justice Building on the State Capitol grounds.  This addition, formally called the Justice Building West Wing, actually created a new entrance to the building and changed the look of the facility.

Built in the neo-classical style, it cost $7.6 million.  It houses offices for the justices of the Arkansas Supreme Court, the clerk’s offices as well as other offices for attorney services.

The front of the building is flanked by a series of ionic, fluted columns, which are pictured above.

Architeaser April 9

The cornice to over the main entrance of the former First Baptist Church was the feature on yesterday’s Architeaser. The building now houses EMOBA, a museum dedicated to African American history in Arkansas.

Today kicks off Capital Week as each day will feature a different column or colonnade capital.


Architeaser – April 5

Wednesday’s Architeaser was from the old Union Bank Building. Though better known for the black and white pinstripes of the upper stories, the columns supporting the building are features of the lower floors.

Today’s features brick and tile work. Often a dash of color stands out, but these colorful accents are often overlooked.

Architeaser April 4

Yesterday’s Architeaser was from the Spanish revival building at 6th and Center Streets (which houses E.J.’s restaurant and several other businesses).

Today’s Architeaser features columns on a building. While many buildings in Little Rock have columns, this building is known more for other architectural features. Many people who pass this building probably don’t even pay attention to the columns on it.