NOSFERATU with a live original score is a highlight of Saturday’s Little Rock Picture Show

LRPS NosferatuAt 9:15pm tonight at the Studio Theatre the silent film classic Nosferatu will be shown.  It will be accompanied by a live original score by Mainline Divide.  While it is a highlight of today’s activities with the Little Rock Picture Show, it is by no means the only film or music event of the day!

Things get going this morning with Apt 3D (11am – Public Theatre), Jackrabbit (11:15 – Studio Theatre with filmmakers Carleton Ranney, Destin Douglas and Rebecca Rose Perkins in attendance), and Time Lapse (11:15 – Vino’s).

This afternoon features The Divine Tragedies (1:30 – Public Theatre), Filmmaker Panel (2pm – Studio Theatre), International Shorts Block 2 (2pm – Vino’s), Dude Bro Party Massacre III (3:30 – Studio Theatre with filmmakers Jon Salmon, Alec Owen and Kelsey Gunn in attendance), International Shorts Block 1 (3:45 – Public Theatre) and Arkansas Shorts Block 2 (4pm – Vino’s).

The documentary Backyard Blockbusters will be shown at Vino’s at 5:45pm, while at 6pm a Music Composing Panel with Rocky Gray will take place at the Public Theatre.  At 7pm, The Last Survivors will be shown at the Studio Theatre. The Music Videos Block will be shown at 7:30 at the Public Theatre.  At 8pm, Apothecary, Ozark Shaman and Amonkst the Trees will be at Vino’s.  Capsule will be at the Public Theatre at 9:30.  Booyah! Dad will take the stage at the Studio Theatre at 11pm.

The night will end as the new begins at midnight with the Deep Red 40th Anniversary Screening at the Public Theatre.

The Little Rock Picture Show runs tonight through August 9

LRPS-Sponsors-Poster-1024x663The Little Rock Picture Show presented by Kismet Entertainment will be held August 6-9 and feature the very best in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror films from all over the globe. The Opening Night film at the Ron Robinson Theater is Dude Bro Party Massacre III with special guests Alec Owen, Jon Salmon and Kelsey Gunn in attendance for a special opening night unlike any other.

Then the festival moves to the Studio Theater, the Public Theater and Vino’s Brewpub for the rest of the weekend for films and fun. Passholders will have special discounts at Vino’s for the weekend.

Special events include a FREE screening of Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, a live film score by Mainland Divide of the classic film Nosferatu, and panels and other events.

The festival will close out with a special double feature of Boo and Dog Soldiers both produced by Arkansas native David E. Allen.

Dude Bro Party Massacre III
The Last SurvivorsCapsule
Backyard Blockbusters
Time Lapse
The Divine Tragedies

Martian American
Sun Devil
Crash Course
The Peripheral
What’s Eating Dad?
Hadir and the Deepblack lullaby

Twas the Night of the Krampus
Nightmare Asylum
Sassy & the Private Eye
Vampire-Killing Prostitute
Machined Infection
Elysian Equation
Little Brother
Silent But Deadly
The Town Where Nobody Lives
War Dogs: The Bridge
Surrounded by Love
What Do You Do With a Red Right Hand?