Rare 1920s film WITHIN OUR GATES screened at CALS Ron Robinson Theater tonight

Image result for within our gatesTonight (January 31) at the CALS Ron Robinson Theater, there is the chance to view a rare movie – Within Our Gates. It is part of the Movies of a Movement: the Civil Rights & Social Change Collection. The screening starts at 6:30.  Admission is $5.00

Within Our Gates is a 1920 American silent film by the director Oscar Micheaux that portrays the contemporary racial situation in the United States during the early twentieth century, the years of Jim Crow, the revival of the Ku Klux Klan, and the Great Migration of blacks to cities of the North and Midwest.

The plot features an African-American woman who goes North in an effort to raise money for a rural school in the Deep South for poor black children. Her romance with a black doctor eventually leads to revelations about her family’s past and her own mixed-race, European ancestry. The film portrays racial violence under white supremacy, and the lynching of black people.

Produced, written and directed by Micheaux, it is the oldest known surviving film made by an African-American director. The cast included Jack Chenault, Flo Clements, Evelyn Preer, and James D. Ruffin