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May 14 Architeaser

towerNot only is the Catlett-Prien Tower Building a great example of the International school of architecture, it is also home to the Department of Arkansas Heritage and several of its agencies, including the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program.  Because of this, it is today’s Architeaser feature (as part of Arkansas Heritage Month).  It is also home to the non-profit Historic Preservation Alliance of Arkansas.

The Tower Building was designed by Dallas architect Harold A. Berry in collaboration with Little Rock architect Frank Eugene Withrow. The Tower Building was Withrow’s first big project.  The building was the brainchild of future Arkansas Governor Winthrop Rockefeller.

Construction of the Tower Building began in 1958 and finished in 1960 for a cost of $4 million.  At 18 stories, it would be Little Rock’s tallest building from 1960 until 1968 when the Union Bank Building was completed.