Macaws predict arrival of Spring today at Little Rock Zoo

Don’t watch a groundhog look for his shadow, experience the first EVER public flight of the Little Rock Zoo’s macaws!

The newest addition to the our Zoo Program, Zoo staff have been training them for public flight.

These beautiful birds will let Little Rock know if it will experience more winter by flying to our Ice Queen or if citizens should get ready for warmer weather by flying to our Princess of Fire.

Saturday February 2, 2019, at 11am at the Little Rock Zoo in Café Africa.

Regular admission to the Zoo applies.

GROUNDHOG DAY on Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day (1993) movie poster                      Cinemark Theatres is offering the chance to see 1993’s GROUNDHOG DAY on Groundhog Day. And since it starts at 2pm, it will be concluded in time for kickoff to see the Denver Broncos celebrate the Chinese Year of the Horse by downing the Seattle Seahawks.

The showing is part of a series which Cinemark is offering in January and February where they screen classic movies from the 1980s and 1990s on the big screen on Sunday afternoons and Wednesdays (the film will be repeated on February 5 at 2pm and 7pm).

This 1993 comedy from director Harold Ramis offers Bill Murray as a meteorologist trapped in Punxsutawney PA by snow and by the fact that he keeps repeating the day over and over and over. It also stars Andie McDowell, Chris Elliott, Stephen Tobolowsky, Brian Doyle-Murray and Marita Geraghty. Willie Garson and Michael Shannon are also seen briefly in the movie.

The film will be shown at Cinemark’s Colonel Glenn location (formerly the Rave).  Tickets are $7.50 for the screening today.

Groundhog Day at the Little Rock Zoo

Little-Rock-zoo-logo-4-c-with-tagToday is Groundhog Day.  As long as you aren’t a weatherman forced to repeat the day over again continuously, it can be a day of fun and a chance to learn more about weather and animals.

The Little Rock Zoo has a new groundhog this year!  Maple will be making a prediction about the onset of spring or the lingering of winter.

Come out to the Zoo for the prediction and festivities at 10:30 this morning.

While you are out there be sure and visit your old favorites as well as the newer exhibits including the penguins and cheetahs.

How Much Ground, Would a Groundhog Hog, If a Groundhog Could Hog Ground?

We talk about Groundhogs once a year. But how much do we know about them?

Today (Groundhog Day) and Saturday (Groundhog Day +2), the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission is offering a program on Groundhogs as part of the Arkansas Wildlife Series.  It will take place at the Witt Stephens Jr. Nature Center in downtown Little Rock at 11am both days.  There is no fee to participate.

Arkansas Wildlife Series: It’s a woodchuck, it’s a whistle pig—it’s a GROUNDHOG! Groundhogs make lousy weatherman but they do play a vital role in nature. Discover more about this true hibernator and take a stroll to his downtown burrow! Celebrate Groundhog month by discovering natural signs of weather forecasting.

As the AG&FC notes, the groundhog makes a lousy weatherman, but it does play a vital role in nature. Celebrate Groundhog Day by learning weather forecasting through natural signs