DEATHTRAP, first show of CTLR 60th season, continues

CTLR DeathtrapThe Community Theatre of Little Rock begins its 60th Season with the Tony-nominated murder mystery Deathtrap by Ira Levin.  It opened on September 3rd and continues tonight, tomorrow afternoon at September 10-13th The Studio Theatre, 320 West 7th Street in downtown Little Rock.

Regular admission is $16 for adults and $14 for military, students (10yrs – College) and seniors age 65+. $6.00 for Children (4-9 yrs). Children age 3 and under are given free admission. Groups of 10 or more can get in for $14. Bring a pair of gently used running shoes and receive $1.00 off your admission.
Seemingly comfortably ensconced in his charming Connecticut home, Sidney Bruhl, a successful writer of Broadway thrillers, is struggling to overcome a “dry” spell which has resulted in a string of failures and a shortage of funds. A possible break in his fortunes occurs when he receives a script from a student in the seminar he has been conducting at a nearby college—a thriller which Sidney recognizes immediately as a potential Broadway hit. Sidney’s plan, which he devises with his wife’s help, is to offer collaboration to the student, an idea which the younger man quickly accepts. Thereafter suspense mounts steadily as the plot begins to twist and turn with devilish cleverness, and with such an abundance of thrills and laughter, that audiences will be held enthralled until the final, startling moments of the play.
The cast includes Harold Dean, Jennifer Lamb, Jeremiah Elliott, Miki Thompson and Chris Boggs (who is also the producer). Jerry Woods is the director, and Karena White is the stage manager.
Performances on Thursday – Saturday ~ Box office opens at 6:30 pm, curtain rises at 7:30 pm.  Performances on Sundays ~ Box office opens at 1:00 pm, curtain rises at 2:00 pm.

9 TO 5 closes out 59th season of CTLR

9to5musicalWhat better way to end your 59th season than with a show with a 5 and a 9?  The Community Theatre of Little Rock presents the musical 9 to 5 through June 21st at The Studio Theatre (320 West 7th Street).

Performances are at 7:30pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings and at 2pm on Sunday afternoons.

9 to 5 is written by Patricia Resnick, who co-wrote the movie screenplay, with songs by Dolly Parton.  Parton received a Tony nomination for her score.

Set in the late 1970s this hilarious story of friendship and revenge in the Rolodex era is outrageous, thought-provoking, and even a little romantic.  Pushed to the boiling point, three female co-workers concoct a plan to get even with their boss. In a hilarious turn of events, Violet, Judy and Doralee live out their wildest fantasy – giving their boss the boot! While Hart remains “otherwise engaged,” the women give their workplace a dream makeover, taking control of the company that had always kept them down.

The cast is led by Bridget Davis, Becky McAlister and Karena White as the main trio of women working hard to get ahead in the workplace. They are joined by Duane Jackson as the sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical, bigot of a boss from Hell and Cheryl Troillett as his lackey.  Others in the cast include Chuck Massey, Chase Cundell, Jeremiah Herman, Leon Baggett, Rachel Garrett Bland, Mark Burbank, Jerry Davidson, Katy Fraley, Amanda Garrison Gilmore, Shann Nobels, Tanner Oglesby, Michael Pete, Jennifer Jackson Restum, Hannah M. Sawyer, Danny Troillett, Bruce Ward, Olivia Witcher and Jerry Woods.

The production is directed by Justin Pike with Jo Murry serving as music director.

THE WINNING NUMBERS – world premiere play – this weekend at CTLR

Poster for inside bookCommunity Theatre of Little Rock is continues its 59th Season with a world premiere of The Winning Numbers a comedy by S. Christopher Boggs. Show dates are April 24th – 26th, to be held at The Studio Theatre, 320 West 7th Street in downtown Little Rock.Regular admission is $16 for adults and $14 for military, students (10yrs – College) and seniors age 65+. $6.00 for Children (4-9 yrs). Children age 3 and under are given free admission. Groups of 10 or more can get in for $14.
All proceeds of this production will go to Community Theatre of Little Rock to help with our 60th Season beginning in September 2015-16
The buzz around the offices of Dingle, Martin and Associates is “the state lottery is at an all time high.” For employees like Emily and Max, winning the lottery would mean comfort and happiness. For Roberta, it would mean a better education for her twin sons. Louie could finally buy that house he’s wanted. Scott could get ahead of the curve. For Stacy and Brewster, it might even mean wedding bells. But when things don’t go as planned, and the employees start plotting against each other.
The cast includes Danny Troillett, Jennifer Baltzley, Chris Miller, Stacy Williams, Roben Sullivant, Jerry Woods, Brent Wood, Liz Turner and Kevin Crumpler.  S. Christopher Boggs directs the play, and Tamara Boggs is the stage manager.  Jo Murry is the producer.
CTLR takes credit card orders on-line or you may reserve your seat by phone and pay at the door.
Seating is limited, so reservations are highly recommended. To purchase your tickets, please visit our website To reserve your seat (pay at the door) or for information call CTLR at 501-410-ACT3(2283). Unclaimed reserved seats will be released 10 minutes prior to show time. Doors open one hour prior to show time.
Founded in 1956, the Community Theatre of Little Rock (CTLR) is Central Arkansas’s oldest and finest theater tradition. CTLR is a nonprofit, volunteer organization striving to enlighten, educate and entertain our community by providing live theatrical productions of the highest quality, as well as providing opportunities for talented people to perform and participate in all phases of producing live theater.

NUNCRACKERS on stage today

nuncrackersToday is the final chance to catch the Community Theatre of Little Rock on stage in the Studio Theatre with NUNCRACKERS, The Nunsense Christmas Musical (book, music, and lyrics by Dan Goggin).

“NUNCRACKERS, The Nunsense Christmas Musical” is presented as the first TV special taped in the Cable Access Studio built by Reverend Mother in the convent basement. It stars the nuns you love, plus Father Virgil, and four of Mount Saint Helen’s most talented students. Featuring all new songs including “Twelve Days Prior to Christmas,” “Santa Ain’t Comin’ to Our House,” “We Three Kings of Orient Are Us” and “It’s Better to Give than to Receive,” this show is filled with typical NUNSENSE humor, some of your favorite carols, and a “Secret Santa” audience participation.

The cast includes Cheryl Troillett, Roben Sullivant, Courtney Speyer, Miki Thompson, Liz Turner, Harold Dean, Drew Clark, Molly Kate Fuller, Matthew Lamb, Adelyn Eilere and Skye Sebring.  It is co-directed by Jerry Woods and Michael Henderson, with Jo Murry and Dawne Carroll serving as co-music directors.  Jerry Woods and Liz Clark were the producers.

The performance is at 2pm.

THE RAINMAKER continues this weekend at CTLR

CTLR RainmakerThe Community Theatre of Little Rock is presenting N. Richard Nash’s classic play The Rainmaker.  This is the final weekend to catch this Tony-nominated play of redemption.  Performances are Friday and Saturday evening at 7:30pm and Sunday at 2pm.  The Rainmaker is performed at The Studio Theatre at 328 West 7th Street.

At the time of a paralyzing drought in the West we discover a girl whose father and two brothers are worried as much about her potential future as an old maid as they are about their dying cattle. For the truth is, she is indeed a plain girl. The brothers try every possible scheme to marry her off, but without success. Nor is there any sign of relief from the dry heat, when suddenly from out of nowhere appears a picaresque, sweet-talking man with quite the sales pitch.

Claiming to be a “rainmaker,” the man promises to bring rain, for $100. It’s a silly idea, but the rainmaker is so refreshing and persistent that the family finally consents, banging on big brass drums to rattle the sky. Meanwhile the rainmaker also turns his magic on the girl, and persuades her that she has a very real beauty of her own. She believes it, just as her father believes the fellow can actually bring rain. Rain does come, and so does love.


Jerry Woods as H.C. CURRY
Chris Boggs as NOAH CURRY
Chris Miller-Marshall as JIM CURRY
Rachel Bland as LIZZIE CURRY
Harold Dean as FILE
Jeffery Lewellin as SHERIFF THOMAS
David Montieth as BILL STARBUCK

Frank O. Butler – Director
Robert Warner – Stage Manager
Liz Turner and Chris Boggs- Producers

One Acts this weekend at Community Theatre of Little Rock

ctlrWhen the Community Theatre of Little Rock was founded in the 1950s, it was common for groups such as it to perform evenings of One Act plays.

Returning to these roots, this weekend the CTLR presents an evening of four one act plays.

The lineup is

“The Actor’s Nightmare” by Christopher Durang.  In it George is mistaken for an actor’s understudy and forced to perform a show he doesn’t know. The cast is David Monteith as George Spelvin, Francesca Bee as Meg, Brooke Ballew as Sarah Siddons, Jessica Allis as Ellen Terry and Peyton Hooks as Henry Irving.

In “Private Wars” by James McLure, three recovering soldiers try to figure out where their lives go from here.  The cast is Jerry Woods, John Timaues and Courtney Williams.

Noel Coward’s “Ways and Means” examines what happens when an heiress and her gambling husband, plagued with debt and shame, are inadvertently saved by a disgraced chauffeur. The cast includes Susan Troillet, Harold Dean, Tracy Speed, Michael Harmon, Jessica Allis, Jerry Woods and Courtney Williams.

In “30 Minutes to Charlie” by Nick Zagone, Kline and Reid hit are forced to visit the Emergency Room while trying to get to the meeting of a lifetime. The cast features Jon Martin, Peyton Hooks, Tracy Speed and Skye Sebring.

Performances are at 7:30 tonight (August 22) and tomorrow (August 23) and at 2:30 on Sunday, August 24.  The CTLR now performs at the new Studio Theatre.

CTLR offers THE TRIP TO BOUNTIFUL through May 10

CTLR TripHorton Foote’s Tony winning play The Trip to Bountiful is the next offering of the Community Theatre of Little Rock.

This is the poignant story of Mrs. Watts, an aging widow living with her son and daughter-in-law in a three-room flat in Houston, Texas. Fearing that her presence may be an imposition on others, and chafing under the watchful eye of her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Watts imagines that if she can get away and return to her old home in the town of Bountiful, she is sure to regain her strength, dignity and peace of mind.

She attempts to run away, and when she reaches a bus station on the last part of her short journey, she falls into the hands of a sheriff whom her son and daughter-in-law have put on her trail. The sheriff, a kindly fellow, allows her to complete the final stage of her journey, so she proceeds to Bountiful and makes a lonely pilgrimage to the scene of her old home.

Only too soon she learns that the friends of her youth have all died or scattered, and her home is no longer the spacious mansion of her memories but a crumbling wreck. But she has the supreme satisfaction of plunging her hands into the strength-giving earth, and this leaves her with a sense of that strength and dignity that will give her the courage to survive. When her son and daughter-in-law appear on the scene to take her back to Houston, she consents to return quietly, secure in the knowledge that the remainder of her existence will be enriched as a result of her last contact with Bountiful.

The cast is led by Jane Morgan Balgavy as Carrie with Chuck Massey as her son, Ludie and Susan Troillet as her daughter-in-law Jessie Mae.  Others in the cast include Kate Lauck, Chris Boggs, Mark Troillett, Jerry Woods and Tim Sopel.

The production is directed by Harold Dean with Jerry Woods as Stage Manager.  Chris Boggs is Executive Producer with Liz Turner as producer.

The production opens tonight at 7:30.  Performances are April 25 & 26, May 2 & 3, and May 9 & 10 at 7:30. Matinees at 2pm are offered on April 27 and May 4.

The Trip to Bountiful will be presented in the Mini-Auditorium of NLR High School Freshman Campus (2400 Lakewood Rd) behind Target.