July 2FAN – Christ Church features art by John Kushmaul and Patricia Palmer

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Little Rock’s Christ Episcopal Church is participating in 2nd Friday Art Night this month.

Tonight from 5pm to 8pm, works by local artists John Kushmaul and Patricia Palmer will be featured.

Local artist John Kushmaul will exhibit paintings in the Parish Gallery. His exhibit, entitled “Scenes from Christ Church,” features 22 recent paintings of the church and its surroundings. These paintings showcase his trademark style of saturated colors and blurry details.

Little Rock artist Patricia Palmer, a member of Christ Church, will exhibit her works in The Parlor. Her exhibit, which is entitled “Inside Out,” displays her new experimental ways of expressing her ideas and vision. The exhibit will run from July 12 ­— September 30. All art is available for purchase.

Pulaski Heights Picassos

The Culture Vulture tries to steer clear of promoting fundraisers (because there are so many that every day could be a feature). But just as Picasso broke the rules of the art world, this entry breaks the rule. The reason? As a good friend says “It’s for the children.”

Pulaski Heights Picassos will take place tomorrow night (Saturday, March 3) at Ricks Armory from 6pm to 10pm.  It is a silent and live auction fundraiser for Pulaski Heights Elementary arts programs. The parents and teachers of Pulaski Heights Elementary School believe that the arts are an essential part of a well-rounded education and something that should be available to all students.

Picassos is the primary fundraiser used by the PTA to enhance the arts programs at PHE. Primarily Little Rock artists have donated all or a portion of their proceeds from the sale of the art for auction. More than 100 accomplished artists donated artwork and more than 400 pieces are available for sale.

The artist list includes:

Mary Stuart Arrington
Shelby Baker
Boots Barnett
Elizabeth Bates
Jessie Bates
Louis Beck
Bill Belew
Selma Blackburn
Kissy Blanchat
Mary Bowden
Arden Boyce
Janet Browne
Heather Burkett
Cathy Burns
Becca Carey
Theresa Cates
Ashley Chandler
Jeannie Clifton-Laster
Jane Colclasure
Susan Conley
Jenny Cooper
Morgan Covan
Mitchell Crisp
Cici Davidson
John Deering
Jerry Delavan
Char Demoro
George Dombek
Hamid Ebrahimifar
Gayle Ellis
Tanya Fitzgerald
Jim Flatt
Wayne Fowler
Jan Gartrell
Tracee Gentry
Dent Gitchel
Doug Gorrell
Jann Greenland
Austin Grimes
Amanda Haskins
James Hayes
Judy Henderson
Rita Henry
Lora Matthey Hicks
Ellen Hobgood
Gino Hollander
Patricia Holifield
Julie Holt
Joe Homan
John Honey
Judy Honey
Sandy Hubler
Tim Hursley
Donna Hutchinson
Lucy Inserra
Jim Johnson
Don Jordan
Annette Kagy
Carla Koen
Benjamin Krain
Nancy Kubler
John Kushmaul
Mindy Lacefield
Beth Lambert
David Land
Amy Laser
Ann Laser
Laura Laser
Kathy Lindsey
Missy Lipps
Erin Lorenzen
Ashley Lowry
Christa Masters
Jason Masters
Mark Matthews
Pat Matthews
Matt McLeod
Tonya McNair
William McNamara
Lauren Meredith
Barbara Middleton
Patricia Miller
Herb Monoson
Patty Monoson
Jean Moss
Leslie Nelson
Bob Ocken
Leah Pearson
Michael Peven
Dale Provost
Cherlyon Reid
Richard Reynolds
David Schonert
Darrell Loy Scott
Gary Scroggs
Thom Shock
Justin Slarks
Liz Smith
Teresa Smith
Bob Snider
Cindy Sorrells
Mary Ann Stafford
Babs Steward
Celia Storey
Susan Strauss
Kathy Strausse
Hank Tilbury
Ed Wade
Jeri Warlick
Michael Warrick
Lydia Washburn
Peggy Wenger
Julie West
George Wittenburg
Scotti Wilbourne
Renee Williams
Sherry Williamson
Debra Wolfe
Emily Wood
Melanie Young