Winners of 10th Ever Nog Off Announced by Historic Arkansas Museum

Drumroll please…

People’s Choice Eggnog:
Capital Egg NogĀ 
Capital Chefs Matthew Dunn, Zach Pullam, Tyler Rogers and CBG Bartender David Cash
A drink one guest proclaimed, “Tastes like World Peace!” and another described as, “Liquid Christmas.”

Not Your Great, Great, Great Grandfather’s Eggnog
Firefly Chai Egg Nog
Matthew Cooper and Brian Townley, Cache Restaurant
Described as, “Nog, New Age-style” this nog had one guest exclaim, “To Die For!”

Tasters’ Choice
John Robert Jackson’s Eggnog
Bridget Fennell Farris

A nog so good, all our guest could write was, “Yes, this one, yesssssssssss”