GONE WITH THE WIND on the big screen at the CALS Ron Robinson Theatre tonight

Gone with the Wind (1939) PosterAs God is my witness, you can see Gone with the Wind on the big screen tonight! And frankly my dear, you should give a damn!

The doors to the CALS Ron Robinson Theater open tonight (10/30) at 6pm for the 7pm screening of the 1939 Best Picture winner.  Filled with romance, action, and witty dialogue (as well as melodrama and some embarrassing dialogue too), this film was destined to be a hit before it even started filming.

Everyone who was anyone (and a lot of noones) auditioned to be in the movie.  It went through a plethora of directors and screenwriters before it was completed. But through it all, producer David O. Selznick used a steel fist to keep it on course.

Nominated for thirteen Oscars, it won eight: Best Picture, Actress (Vivien Leigh), Supporting Actress (Hattie McDaniel, who became the first African American to win an Oscar – and had to sit in the segregated section at the awards ceremony), Director (Victor Fleming – who only directed about half the film, having been brought in after it had started), Screenplay (Sidney Howard – who had died in a farming accident and became the first posthumous Oscar winner), Cinematography, Art Direction and Editing.

Admission is $5, with concessions available for purchase.