ANTIQUITIES plays Riverdale 10 Cinema January 25 to 31

One of the hits at the Arkansas Cinema Society’s August 2018 Filmland event was Arkansas made film Antiquities.

It has been picked up for distribution and will screen at the Riverdale 10 Cinema from January 25 to 31. Tickets can be purchased here.

After the first screening during Filmland sold out quickly, a second screening was added.  But there are many people who did not get to see it, or want to see it again.  Now is that chance!

After his father’s death, a young man – WALT (Andrew J. West) – moves to his dad’s hometown in order to learn more about who his father was. Walt decides to stay with his awkward aunt and her family, whose denial makes his search nearly impossible. He accepts a job in a local antique mall where his boss quickly offers him the possibility of a management position; however, a mean-spirited co-worker isn’t pleased by his new competition and proceeds to sabotage any chance Walt has. Walt then meets ELLIE (Ashley Greene), an eccentric and crude free spirit who still manages to be irresistibly charming. He finds himself completely enamored, though both are hesitant to pursue a relationship. Walt ends up not only finding out who his father really was, but learns more about himself than he ever thought possible.

The cast includes many Arkansas actors such as Mary Steenburgen, Graham Gordy, Jason Thompson, Alanna Hamill Newton, Jeff Bailey, Damon McKinnis, Joanne Riddick, the late Fran Austin, and a brief cameo by David Bazzel as well as Rett Tucker as a bingo caller.

Filmed in and around Arkansas, the movie was directed by Daniel Campbell from a screenplay by Campbell and Gordy.  Cinematography was by Gabe Mayhan.  The film was produced by Campbell, Gordy, David Jennis, Jayme Lemons, Gary Newton, Angela Prosser, and Kathryn Tucker.

Labor Day Sculpture Vulture: John Deering’s RICK REDDEN

ReddenLabor Day celebrates a time to take a break from work and relax.  Today’s Sculpture Vulture showcases John Deering’s sculpture of Rick Redden which depicts the visionary architect doing just that.

As an architect, Rick Redden designed many downtown buildings including several in the River Market District.  He was involved in new projects like the 300 Third Building and River Market Tower, as well as rehab projects such as the Ottenheimer Market Hall and the Museum Center.  One of his last projects was the Arcade Building.

This sculpture, by John Deering, was commissioned by Jimmy Moses, Rett Tucker and the Central Arkansas Library System Endowment to honor Redden’s memory.  It shows him playing his banjo, with architectural drawings rolled up behind him. The piece looks like he had just taken a break from work to relax a little by playing music.

It is appropriate that the sculpture is located in front of the Arcade Building. Not only was the project one of his designs, but the building also contains space for work and for entertainment.  The placement is also a continuation of the commitment of both Moses Tucker Real Estate and the Central Arkansas Library System to include sculpture in their projects.

Thanksgiving Week Sculpture Vulture: Sierra

20121104-083039.jpgWith Thanksgiving later this week, today’s Sculpture Vulture focuses on one of sculpture which highlights items from a harvest which might appear in a Thanksgiving meal.  The sculpture, Sierra, was installed in the summer of 2012. Wayne Salge’s piece celebrates the gifts of women.

The sculpture depicts a stylized woman carrying an urn, several bottles and some fruit. It stands 9 feet and three inches tall and is cast in bronze.

The sculpture stands at the southeast corner of the intersection of 2nd Street and River Market Avenue. It was donated by Everett Tucker III in honor of Rebecca Bost Tucker, Michael Hickerson in honor of Meredith Berry Hickerson, Doyle “Rog” Rogers in honor of Carolyn Wilmans Rogers, Mack and Franklin McLarty in honor of Donna Cochran McLarty, and the Dolphin-Laser Swim team in honor of Mary Grace Tucker.

Salge sculpting SIERRA

Salge sculpting SIERRA

When Salge is creating art, he says that he attempts to emphasize both contemporary and classic design elements: line, space, texture and color reflected by intricate patinas. His abstracted human and animal figures are then cast in small limited editions. Bronze is the ideal medium to continue this melding of old and new with his signature style resulting in the expression of attitude or emotion.

Born and raised in San Antonio, he has also lived in Massachusetts, Washington DC and Denver.  He now resides and creates art in Johnstown, CO.  In the late 1960s, he was stationed in Vietnam.  He has studied at San Antonio College, La Villita School of Art and various sculpture workshops.

Over the years, Salge has had a variety of professions including: Television art director, Army illustrator, Advertising agency art director, Freelance graphic designer and illustrator, Painter (oils and acrylics) and Sculptor (stone and bronze).

Sculpture Vulture: Laughing Sally

LaughingsallyToday’s Sculpture Vulture is Shelley Buonaiuto’s Laughing Sally.  It is located by the River Market Tower on Third Street in downtown Little Rock.

The sculpture was purchased at Sculpture at the River Market show and sale and installed in May 2009.  The plaque accompanying the sculpture says:

Here sits “Laughing Sally.”  May she make your day a little brighter!  A gift from River Market Tower LLC and Moses Tucker Real Estate to the Citizens of Little Rock.  May 2009.

Shelley Buonaiuto and her husband Michael are both artists.  They met while studying sculpture and painting at the University of Massachusetts.  They have also lived in New York and New Mexico.  A few years ago, they moved to Fayetteville where they reside today.  Shelley won “Best of Show” at the first Sculpture at the River Market for her sculpture “Wind.”  She spends several months a year producing new one-of-a-kind clay pieces and also takes commissions for portraits.