Toil and Trouble, Sound & Fury, Damn Spots on stage at Arkansas Rep

ScottishPlayMurder, madness and magic haunt every shadowy corner in the most powerful of William Shakespeare’s great tragedies.

After receiving an ominous prophecy on a blood-soaked battlefield, the Thane of Cawdor and his ambitious wife claw their way to the Scottish throne, and damned be all who stand in their way! Each step closer to fulfilling his royal Fate leads the General deeper and deeper into a fiendish quagmire of carnage and corruption, from which none can survive; not even him.

“The original House of Cards. It’s fitting to start off a milestone season with the English language’s greatest author,” said Bob Hupp, Producing Artistic Director at Arkansas Repertory Theatre. “Shakespeare keeps us honest, and tests our mettle when we seek to tell great stories that demand to live on a stage. I’ve been reading and seeing productions of this play for more than 30 years, now I’m ready to direct it for you this fall.”

Join The Rep as it casts a spell on Arkansas audiences with this powerful production that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The cast is lead by Michael Stewart Allen and Jacqueline Correa as the scheming couple.  Others in the cast are Ryan Allen, Oliver Archibald, Adam Cook, Courtney Bennett, Christina Clower, Berkeley Courtney-Moore, Brooklyn Courtney-Moore, Heather Dupree, Cary Hite, Robert Ierardi, Damon McKinnis, Joseph J. Menino, Gregory Myhre, Seth D. Rabinowitz, Jacques Roy, Marisol Sela, Kurt Benjamin Smith, Mitch Tebo, David Tennal and Damian Thompson.

The production is directed by Rep Producing Artistic Director Bob Hupp.  Other members of the creative team are Mike Nichols (scenery), Marianne Custer (costumes), Dan Kimble (lighting), Allan Branson (sound), Lynda J. Kwallek (props), Rob Pickens (wigs), Geoffrey Kent (fight director), Mark Binns (composer), Paige Martin Reynolds (dramaturg/assistant director) and Katie M. Dayley (AEA stage manager).

The production opens tonight and runs through September 27.

Ark Shakes’ TWELFTH NIGHT at Wildwood

The Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre production of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night journeys not to Illyria but the Little Rock this weekend.

After being performed at Hendrix College the first two weeks of its run, the production is being performed at Wildwood Park for the Arts this weekend.  Performances continue tonight at 7:30pm and tomorrow at 7:30pm.

Twelfth Night is directed by Rebekah Scallet, the producing artistic director of Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre.   The cast includes Nisi Sturgis, Chad Bradford, Kevin Browne, Ron Thomas, Jordan Coughtry, Heather Dupree, Tim Sailer and Curtis Jackson. Miss Sturgis and Messrs. Browne and Coughtry appear courtesy of Actors Equity Association.

Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre summarizes Twelfth Night thusly:

After a tragic shipwreck, Viola washes up on shore on the unknown island of Illyria.  Believing her brother to be lost, she disguises herself as a boy in order to seek shelter as a servant to the Duke Orsino.  Her plans quickly go awry, however, when she falls in love with the Duke, who is already in love with the Countess Olivia, who falls in love with Viola, whom she thinks is a boy.   Mistaken identities, missed signals, and mischievous mayhem abound in one of the Bard’s most romantic and delightful comedies.