Happy 2017 from the Sculpture Vulture

Several of the sculptures in the Vogel Schwartz Sculpture Garden and Riverfront Park have figures which mimic a “1” and a “7.”

To celebrate the start of 2017, here is a look at Seventeen of them.  And stay tuned for the 10th Sculpture at the River Market Show and Sale on April 21-23, 2017!  Who knows, there could be some sculptures in that show that also have the “1” and “7” features.





Dale Rogers' RETRO TREES

Dale Rogers’ RETRO TREES



Bryan Massey's THE JAZZ PLAYER

Bryan Massey’s THE JAZZ PLAYER



Denny Haskew's FIRST GLANCE

Denny Haskew’s FIRST GLANCE

Kathleen Caricof's LET THE MUSIC PLAY

Kathleen Caricof’s LET THE MUSIC PLAY





Michael Warrick's GROWN

Michael Warrick’s GROWN

Mark Leichliter's MEME

Mark Leichliter’s MEME





Laurel Peterson Gregory's BUNNY BUMP

Laurel Peterson Gregory’s BUNNY BUMP

Merle Randolph's SPACE RACE

Merle Randolph’s SPACE RACE

Jane DeDecker & Alyson Kinkade's IN THE WINGS

Jane DeDecker & Alyson Kinkade’s IN THE WINGS


Sculptors announced for 2016 Sculpture at the River Market

Sculpture at the River MarketSculpture at the River Market is pleased to announce the artists who have been juried in to our 2016 Sculpture Show & Sale to be held April 22-24.

Each artist was invited to submit a proposal for the 6th Public Art Monument Sculpture Commission Competition – a $60,000 to $80,000 commission.

Guests attending the Preview Party on April 22nd will view and vote on the six semi-finalist proposals to help select the top three finalists; the top three will be announced at the end of the evening. These three finalists’ proposals will be juried on April 23-24 and the winning proposal will be announced on Sunday afternoon, April 24th.

2016 Artists

  • Lorri Acott
  • Lori Arnold
  • Terry & Maritza Bean
  • Hunter Brown
  • Craig Campbell
  • Kathleen Caricof, NSG
  • Leslie Daly
  • Darrell Davis, NSG
  • Jane DeDecker, NSG
  • John Deering
  • Clay Enoch, NSG
  • Kimber Fiebiger
  • Peter Grimord
  • Guilloume
  • Jeff Hall
  • Denny Haskew, NSG
  • Bob Heintzelman
  • Mark Hyde
  • Greg Johnson
  • James Keller
  • Kevin Kresse
  • Mark Leichliter, NSG
  • Harold Linke, NSG
  • Allison Luedtke
  • Bryan Winfred Massey, Sr.
  • James G. Moore
  • Nnamdi Okonkwo
  • Steven Olszewski
  • Richard Pankratz
  • James Paulsen
  • Nathan Pierce
  • Merle Randolph
  • Dale Roark
  • Kevin Robb
  • Timothy Roundy
  • Emelene Russell
  • Wayne Salge, NSG
  • Valerie Jean Schafer
  • Adam Schultz
  • Stephen Shachtman, NSG
  • Kim Shaklee
  • Stephanie & Scott Shangraw
  • Gene Sparling
  • Lawrence Starck
  • Charles Strain
  • Tod Switch
  • Michael Warrick, NSG
  • C.T. Whitehouse, NSG
  • Longhua XU
  • Michelle Zorich & Katherine Martin

NSG indicates membership in the National Sculptors’ Guild

Veterans Day Sculpture Vulture, Kathleen Caricof’s Stars and Stripes sculpture in War Memorial Park

Veterans Day is a good day to visit Kathleen Caricof’s Stars and Stripes in the Sturgis Veterans Plaza at War Memorial Park.  This 36 by 40 feet stainless steel sculpture welcomes visitors to the park and was dedicated in 2008 in conjunction with the 60th anniversary of War Memorial Stadium.

There are five interlocked stars which represent the five branches of the military: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard – both the active duty and the reserve segments of each branch as well as their affiliated guard units.

The gleaming stainless steel is both light and durable to represent the strength and vitality of the men and women who protect the United States and have done so for centuries.

Caricof, a member of the National Sculptors Guild, was selected for the commission after a national competition by the War Memorial Stadium Commission.  She has several other pieces in Little Rock including several in Riverfront Park and the Vogel Schwartz Sculpture Garden.

Sculpture Vulture: THE CENTER

One of Little Rock’s two newest sculptures is featured in the Sculpture Vulture today.  Chapel’s THE CENTER was dedicated on Friday, October 19. It is located in Riverfront Park just to the west of the Junction Bridge and north of the Peabody Playground. The piece was commissioned in 2011 at the 5th annual Sculpture at the River Market.

Chapel uses a variety of materials including steel and colored glass to create this tall sculpture. It represents that Little Rock is the center of the state and Riverfront Park (and the nearby “Little Rock”) represent the heart of the City.   The steel evokes the nearby Junction bridge and the blue and green glass echo the nearby grass and water.  (Green and Blue are also Little Rock’s colors, so this was a happy accident by the sculptor as well.)  The textured glass that is in the center of the column is also evocative of the Arkansas River.

Chapel is an award winning sculptor who creates both abstract and figurative pieces working in a variety of media.  Though his work can be seen worldwide, most of his commissions have been in the south and west. He is a member of the National Sculpture Guild and Society of Animal Artists among many other professional associations.



Sculpture at the River Market Show and Sale this weekend

Hundreds of sculptures and thousands of visitors will again populate the River Market Pavilions when 2012 Sculpture at the River Market returns for the sixth year on October 19 – 21.

The sculptures will be on display in the River Market Pavilions and in the adjacent area of Riverfront Park. The works featured will include all types of media, style, subject matter, and size.

Admission to Sculpture at the River Market is free. Sculpture at the River Market Market will run from 9AM to 5PM on Saturday, October 19 and from 10AM to 4PM on Sunday, October 21.

On Saturday, Sculpture at the River Market will take place in conjunction with the Farmers’ Market.

At 2pm today, there will be a dedication of a new piece of public art.  A one of kind 15 foot sculpture constructed of stainless steel, glass and bronze was the winner of the 2011 Sculpture at the River Market people’s choice award. “The Center” by artist Chapel received the most votes.

This evening there will be a preview party where patrons will get the first chance to see the artwork, visit with the sculptors, and purchase sculptures. Tickets for the preview party are $100.

The sale and show is sponsored by the City of Little Rock and the National Sculptors’ Guild. Proceeds from the sale of artwork will fund upgrades in Riverfront Park and the River Market.

Among the artists are Arkansans Terry and Maritza Cornejo Bean, Shelley Buonaiuto, Bryan Massey Sr., Ed Pennebaker, Ryan T. Schmidt, John Sewell, Margaret Warren and Michael Warrick.

Other artists include Lori Acott, Kevin Box, Kathleen Caricof, Dee Clements, Ron Chapel, Tim Cherry, Merrilee Cleveland, Frederic Crist, Darrell Davis, Jane DeDecker, Clay Enoch, Cassandra Fink, Jim Goshorn, Denny Haskew, Mark Hopkins, Ryan Mays, Bruce Niemi, Nic Noblique, Reza Pishgahi, Don Rambadt, Merle Randolph, Kevin Robb, Karla Runquist, Emelene Russell, Wayne Salge, Sandy Scott, Adam Schultz, Kim Shaklee, James Paulsen Solway, Sam Spiczka, Pati Stajcar, Arabella Tattershall, Kevin Trobaugh and C. T. Whitehouse

Sculpture Vulture: Interdependence

The Sculpture Vulture returns today with a visit to the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport.  Mark Leichliter’s Interdependence: Encircling the Future was installed near the entrance to the airport in 2004.

This sculpture greets visitors to the airport whether they are departing or arriving.  It was commissioned by the Airport Commission to be a focal point with the existing airport as well as play a pivotal role in any future expansion.

Leichliter is a member of the National Sculptors’ Guild.  He has several other installations in Little Rock.

The three rings represent the world, the nation, and the individual; the complex intersections between the rings symbolize the vital and undeniable interconnections between these three elements, as well as underscoring the strength that exists when these facets all work together cooperatively.

The sculpture is fabricated from cold-rolled A36 steel with the base and first ring being 12 gauge (.105 inch) and the remainder 14 gauge (.075 inch). It is finished with a baked-on powder coat by Cardinal Industrial Finishes, product RD03. The sculpture is 16 feet tall, 11 feet 8 inches wide, and 2 feet 10 inches deep.


Sculpture Vulture: Forever Ready

Today’s Sculpture Vulture is once again in the Vogel-Schwartz Sculpture Garden. It is more fun to spend time in this garden where one can passively enjoy art with a nice cold bottle of water instead of having to labor in a vegetable or flower garden.

Ken Newman’s Forever Ready was donated in 2009 by the Sculpture at the River Market.  Mr. Newman is a member of the National Sculptors’ Guild.  One of Mr. Newman’s specialties is animals.  Cast in bronze, Forever Ready depicts a Labrador.  Here is Mr. Newman’s artist statement on the piece.

Forever Ready is based off my 30 years experiences with and my love of the Lab. The sculpture was created during the absence of a lab in my life, this was important, because I wanted to reflect on all the past labs, not a present companion. So, ‘Forever Ready’ is that reflection of the breed (hunter, companion and teacher)…Capturing its intense nature with discipline and loyalty, I have set the lab on edge so intense, that if not given the command to go, it will just fall off. But, it is able to maintain balance – wet and ready to go again. The lab’s shadow is cast in the water below, for a I cannot think of a lab without water.