Inaugural Made in Arkansas Film Festival runs May 16 to 18 at CALS Ron Robinson Theater

Made in Arkansas Film Festival

The inaugural Made in Arkansas Film Festival will be held May 16-18 at CALS Ron Robinson Theater and is devoted to showcasing films made in The Natural State from a wide variety of filmmakers from all corners of the state. The festival gives local filmmakers the opportunity to have their films shown at a state-of-the-art theater, as well as the chance to network with others in the industry and fans alike.


7:00–8:00 p.m.: Arkansas Shorts 1
•  My Name is Zula, directed by David Bogard
•  A Bar Fight Kind of Night, directed by Travis Olson
•  Surrounded by Love, directed by Tanner Smith
•  The Dixie Kings, directed by Jimmy Westmoreland

8:00–10:00 p.m.: Feature Film
The Boo, directed by Scott McEntire
(Filmmaker Q&A will follow)



7:00–8:00 p.m.: Comedy Shorts
•  Matriarchs, directed by Rachel Asherman
•  Gift Horse, directed by Amy Hale
•  Frank, directed by James Basham
•  Expired, directed by Tanesa Kassa
•  Local Hero, directed by Payton Perkins
•  Pop, directed by Scott McEntire
(Filmmaker Q&A will follow)

8:00–9:00 p.m.: Horror/Sci Fi/Thriller Shorts
•  Now You See Me, directed by Kelly Griffin
•  As Sisters, As One, directed by Whitney Butler
•  Boxed In, directed by Patrick Hicks
•  Little Brother, directed by Eric White
•  Deer in Headlights, directed by Austin McEuen
•  Last Call, directed by Blake Elder
(Filmmaker Q&A will follow)

9:00–10:00 p.m.: Experimental/”WTF???” Shorts
•  My Better Nature, directed by Al Topich & Michael Carpenter
•  Bees, directed by Donavon Thompson
•  Father, directed by Sophie Barnes
•  Sonhood, directed by Terrell Case & Eric White
•  Heaven Days V, directed by Terrell Case
•  Arkansas, You’re All Up in Me, directed by Joe Keith Noble
(Filmmaker Q&A will follow)



12:00–2:00 p.m.: Documentary Shorts  •  $5
•  Homeless in Boomtown, directed by Denzel Jenkins
•  Unedited, directed by Rosa Brazeal
•  A Shelter First, directed by Bryan Pollard
•  Come One Come All, directed by Laura Craig
•  Mike the Birdman, directed by John Burcham Erwin
(Filmmaker Q&A will follow)

2:00–4:00 p.m.: Made in Arkansas Feature  •  $5
It’s Called Life, directed by Dedric Jones
(Filmmaker Q&A will follow)

4:00–5:00 p.m.: Arkansas Shorts 2  •  $5
•  Avaline, directed by Hannah Roebuck
•  El Muppet Song, directed by Eric White
•  Milk Aisle, directed by Jordan Hunt
•  A Split Moment, directed by Candace Seward
•  Bingo Night, directed by Brooklyn Alexander
(Filmmaker Q&A will follow)

5:00–6:00 p.m.: Arkansas Shorts 3  •  $5
•  I Can’t Draw, directed by Sydney Botter
•  Chronic, directed by Blake Elder
•  Sister, directed by Stephanie Salyer
•  Grandchildren “Okay, I’m Waiting,” directed by Jennifer Gerber
•  Last Stop, directed by Prentice Dupins
(Filmmaker Q&A will follow)

6:00–8:00 p.m.:  Made in Arkansas Feature  •  $5
Poor Mama’s Boy, directed by Dalton Coffey
(Filmmaker Q&A will follow)

8:00 p.m.:  Awards Ceremony  •  FREE!

48 Hour Film Project Awards Program tonight!

2014 48hrThe Little Rock Film Festival  produced the 2014 48 Hour Film Project that kicked off June 27-29.  They had a great weekend of premiere screenings last week and are gearing up for the Awards Ceremony and screening of the Top 10 Audience Choice films.

The ceremony will be held at the CALS Ron Robinson Theater in the River Market in downtown Little Rock, home of the Little Rock Film Festival. The show starts at 7pm and tickets are only $12! The Top 10 audience picks will be screened throughout the ceremony as well as awards handed out for Best Story, Best Performance, Best Cinematography, Best Film and more.


Grundle Productions – “Silent But Deadly”
Team Bearshark – “Book of Lambs”
Flokati Films – “Sensitivity Training”
Just a Bunch of Losers Making a Movie – “Open Bar Closed Casket”
Misfit Cyclops – “Tellervisions”
Take 6 – “My Stepdad Zoltar”
Trieschmann Productions – “Tunnel Vision”
Rambunctious Roughians – “Manifesto”
Walkie Talke – “Tempus Voyage”
Faux Pas Productions – “Fortune’s Fool”



Best Film

  • Joshua Harrison, Team Bearshark “Book of Lambs”
  • Tim Trieschmann, Trieschmann Productions “Tunnel Vision”
  • Johnnie Brannon, Flokati Films “Sensitivity Training”
  • Alison Minor, Take 6 “My Stepdad Zoltar”


Best Director

  • Joshua Harrison, Team Bearshark, “Book of Lambs
  • David Bogard/Tim Trieschmann, Trieschmann Productions “Tunnel Vision”
  • Johnnie Brannon, Flokati Films, “Sensitivity Training”
  • Scott McEntire, Clever Alibi Productions, “Avarice”


Best Performance

  •  Jay SC Morgan, Grundle Productions “Silent But Deadly”
  • Alanna Newton, Trieschmann Productions “Tunnel Vision”
  • Bradley Gamble, Filmmaker’s Corner “Zoltar the Great!”
  • Tom Kagy, Clever Alibi Productions “Avarice”


Best Story

  • Take 6 “My Stepdad Zoltar”
  • Faux Pas Productions “Fortune’s Fool”
  • Misfit Cyclops “Teller Visions”
  • My Place Productions “Fate’s Helping Hand”


Best Editing

  • Team Bearshark “Book of Lambs”
  • Evan Pierce Productions “The Run Through”
  • Agency 501 “Into The Black”
  • East 8 Productions “Zoltar’s Wacky Adventure”


Best Music

  • Four on the Floor “Innocence Lost”
  • Walkie Talkie Productions “Tempus Voyage”
  • Take 6 “My Stepdad Zoltar”
  • Wah Bit “Clarity”


Best Cinematography

  • Agency 501 “Into the Black”
  • Walkie Talkie Productions “Tempus Voyage”
  • Trieschmann Productions “Tunnel Vision”
  • Faux Pas Productions “Fortune’s Fool”


Best Use of Character

  • Rambunctious Roughians “Manifesto”
  • Reel J “Fast Forward”
  • Misfit Cyclops “Teller Visions”
  • Take 6 “My Stepdad Zoltar”


Best Use of Prop

  • Not For You Productions “Who the Hell is SP?”
  • Just a Bunch of Losers Making a Movie “Open Bar Closed Casket”
  • East8 Productions “Zoltar’s Wacky Adventure”
  • New Trick Productions “Crossed”


Best Use of Dialogue

  • Arkansas Film & Music “Last Ride”
  • Grundle Productions “Silent But Deadly”
  • Agency 501 “Into the Black
  • Flokati Films “Sensitivity Training”
You can purchase your tickets to the Best of Ceremony and Top 10 Screening on Saturday, July 19th at the CALS Ron Robinson Theater here


Day 2 of LR Film Festival features Made in Arkansas Shorts, BEFORE I DISAPPEAR and VALLEY INN

8th-annual-little-rock-film-festival-78Following last night’s opening festivities, the 2014 Little Rock Film Festival gets down to business today with screenings from 5pm to 10:30pm.

First up is a grouping of the Arkansas Shorts. “Unbroken Spirits” features “A Broken Road to Hope” by Nathan Willis, “After the Tsunami,” “True Athlete” by Tyler West, and “Blowing Smoke” by Mike Holifield. These will screen at the Arkansas Repertory Theatre at 5pm.

At 6pm, Before I Disappear, an entry in the Golden Rock Narrative competition, will show at the Ron Robinson Theater. In Shawn Christensen’s film, Richie gets a call from his estranged sister, asking him to look after his eleven-year old niece, Sophia, for a few hours.

Another round of Arkansas Shorts (“Adventure Time”) will screen at Arkansas Rep at 7:15. “In Borrowed Time” by Dustin Barnes, “Stuck” by John Hockaday, “Spontaneous History Lesson by Evan” by Douglas Bankston, “Citizen Noir,” by Michael Ferrera, and “Undercover” by Marcel Guadron.

ValleyInn filmAt 8:30, Kim Swink and Chris Spencer’s film Valley Inn will be featured at the Ron Robinson Theater. The film stars Jordan Scott, Arkansas’ own Joey Lauren Adams, and David Lansbury. In it, Emily Mason, a New Jersey college student, finds herself in a dusty dying small southern town, a thousand miles from home, selling Christian books door-to-door for the summer. Through a series of misadventures in “the Bookfield,” and her growing friendships with the endearing and often comical local residents, Emily begins to discover what is most valuable in life, at the Valley Inn.

The final round of Arkansas Shorts (“Lessons in Loss”) of the evening starts at 9:15pm at Arkansas Rep. This includes “The Shoes of Havim” by Kenn Woodard, “A Matter of Honor” by David Bogard, “Sidearoadia” by Bruce Hutchinson and “13 Pieces of the Universe” by Tara Sheffer.”

The evening concludes with the “Stickyz Valley Inn Post Party” at Stickys Rock ‘N ‘Roll Chicken Shack at 10:30pm.

For more information, visit When attending events, be sure and use the hashtag #LRFF2014 on social media posts.