31 Days of Arkansas Rep: PETER PAN in 1994

Peter Pan flew into the window of the Darling’s nursery in December 1994 on the Arkansas Rep stage.  With a cast of thirty-six, Peter Pan was one of the Rep’s larger productions.

Directed by Brad Mooy, the production featured Steve Wilkerson in the title role. It gained some national press attention, because the role is usually played by women, so Wilkerson’s casting was a bit of a novelty.

Others in the cast were Ed Romanoff, Angie Ohren, Dustin Alford, Matthew Block, Peggy Billo, Tanya Duggar, Gary Taggart, Angie Foresman, and Linda Sue Sanders. The Lost Boys were played by Adam Napper, Bernie Baskin, James Knight, Brian Jones, Kale Ludwig, and Kyle Ludwig.

The pirates were played by Mark Hansen, Joel Gordon, Derek Reid, Shannon E. Farmer, Tony D. Owens Jr., DeJon Mayes, Kenneth Elins, Matt Patton, Eric Harrison and Tom Kagy. Taking on the roles of the indians were Suzan Hart, Rusty Miller, Mikel Brown, Ryan Martine, Patrick McNally, Christina Boatwright, Leslie Goodwin, Tori Petrus and Dennis Glasscock.

Glasscock was the production’s choreographer. Flying for Pan and others was created by Foy, the same firm which was responsible for Mary Martin’s flying in the role on Broadway in 1954. Hans Stiritz was the musical director, Mike Nichols was set designer, and Don Bolinger provided costume design.

The production was so successful, it was nearly sold out before it opened.  Two years later, the Rep reprised it.  There were some different design elements as well as a largely different cast. Wilkerson returned as did Ohren, Dugger, Gordon, Knight, Napper, Alford,  Petrus, and Kagy.


31 Days of Arkansas Rep: Charles Portis’ DELRAY’S NEW MOON in 1996

When you’ve written one of the great American novels of the second half of the 20th Century and seen it turned into an Oscar winning movie, what do you do next?  You continue writing.

And if you are Charles Portis, you decide in the 1990s to try your hand at a play.  So in 1996, the Arkansas Rep offered a staged reading of Portis’ play Delray’s New Moon. 

Directed by Rep Artistic Director Cliff Baker, it was set in a honky tonk hotel halfway between Little Rock and Texarkana. Most of the people there are senior citizens awaiting their next location whether it be a nursing home or a relative’s house.

The cast featured Scott Edmonds played a father being shuffled each month between his daughters played by Judy Trice and Natalie Canerday.  Others in the cast included Danielle Rosenthal, Jean Lind, John Stiritz, Michael Davis, Graham Gordy, Stacy Breeding, Angel Bailey, Rhonda Atwood and Tom Kagy.

The production ran from April 18 to 28.  The normally reclusive Portis participated in talkback sessions following performances.

48 Hour Film Project Awards Program tonight!

2014 48hrThe Little Rock Film Festival  produced the 2014 48 Hour Film Project that kicked off June 27-29.  They had a great weekend of premiere screenings last week and are gearing up for the Awards Ceremony and screening of the Top 10 Audience Choice films.

The ceremony will be held at the CALS Ron Robinson Theater in the River Market in downtown Little Rock, home of the Little Rock Film Festival. The show starts at 7pm and tickets are only $12! The Top 10 audience picks will be screened throughout the ceremony as well as awards handed out for Best Story, Best Performance, Best Cinematography, Best Film and more.


Grundle Productions – “Silent But Deadly”
Team Bearshark – “Book of Lambs”
Flokati Films – “Sensitivity Training”
Just a Bunch of Losers Making a Movie – “Open Bar Closed Casket”
Misfit Cyclops – “Tellervisions”
Take 6 – “My Stepdad Zoltar”
Trieschmann Productions – “Tunnel Vision”
Rambunctious Roughians – “Manifesto”
Walkie Talke – “Tempus Voyage”
Faux Pas Productions – “Fortune’s Fool”



Best Film

  • Joshua Harrison, Team Bearshark “Book of Lambs”
  • Tim Trieschmann, Trieschmann Productions “Tunnel Vision”
  • Johnnie Brannon, Flokati Films “Sensitivity Training”
  • Alison Minor, Take 6 “My Stepdad Zoltar”


Best Director

  • Joshua Harrison, Team Bearshark, “Book of Lambs
  • David Bogard/Tim Trieschmann, Trieschmann Productions “Tunnel Vision”
  • Johnnie Brannon, Flokati Films, “Sensitivity Training”
  • Scott McEntire, Clever Alibi Productions, “Avarice”


Best Performance

  •  Jay SC Morgan, Grundle Productions “Silent But Deadly”
  • Alanna Newton, Trieschmann Productions “Tunnel Vision”
  • Bradley Gamble, Filmmaker’s Corner “Zoltar the Great!”
  • Tom Kagy, Clever Alibi Productions “Avarice”


Best Story

  • Take 6 “My Stepdad Zoltar”
  • Faux Pas Productions “Fortune’s Fool”
  • Misfit Cyclops “Teller Visions”
  • My Place Productions “Fate’s Helping Hand”


Best Editing

  • Team Bearshark “Book of Lambs”
  • Evan Pierce Productions “The Run Through”
  • Agency 501 “Into The Black”
  • East 8 Productions “Zoltar’s Wacky Adventure”


Best Music

  • Four on the Floor “Innocence Lost”
  • Walkie Talkie Productions “Tempus Voyage”
  • Take 6 “My Stepdad Zoltar”
  • Wah Bit “Clarity”


Best Cinematography

  • Agency 501 “Into the Black”
  • Walkie Talkie Productions “Tempus Voyage”
  • Trieschmann Productions “Tunnel Vision”
  • Faux Pas Productions “Fortune’s Fool”


Best Use of Character

  • Rambunctious Roughians “Manifesto”
  • Reel J “Fast Forward”
  • Misfit Cyclops “Teller Visions”
  • Take 6 “My Stepdad Zoltar”


Best Use of Prop

  • Not For You Productions “Who the Hell is SP?”
  • Just a Bunch of Losers Making a Movie “Open Bar Closed Casket”
  • East8 Productions “Zoltar’s Wacky Adventure”
  • New Trick Productions “Crossed”


Best Use of Dialogue

  • Arkansas Film & Music “Last Ride”
  • Grundle Productions “Silent But Deadly”
  • Agency 501 “Into the Black
  • Flokati Films “Sensitivity Training”
You can purchase your tickets to the Best of Ceremony and Top 10 Screening on Saturday, July 19th at the CALS Ron Robinson Theater here